I don’t think people always realize the importance of their job.

Ms.Encounter & I have 8 Student Assistants that work for us.  Essentially, our student assistants help us keep the library open.  At times they have to open or close the library by themselves.  Other times, they’re covering the desk so that Ms.Encounter or I can take breaks.  Honestly, there are also times when we’re all just sitting around with little or nothing to do.  But their jobs are important–essential, even–to this library.

Most of our students are here just because they need something easy to get them through college.  That’s fine.  I definitely understand that this job is not important to them.  It’s just a job.  I totally get that–I’m right there with ’em.  But the thing is, it is a job.  And they should respect that.  They should respect their superiors as well as their peers.

  • Repeatedly calling off, less than an hour before a shift is supposed to start?–Not respectful.
  • Talking to me like I’m one of your kids?–Not respectful. (I may not be older than you, but I’m still your boss.)
  • Sitting at the circulation desk, talking on your cell phone?–Not respectful.
  • Telling the law students to wait, while you finish printing out your homework?–Not respectful.

There is one student in particular who is really pushing the limits.  I swear if she calls off again today, I’m gonna tell her that she doesn’t need to come back at all.