I sometimes wish that there was a switch–I could flick it & turn off my mind and all of those rampant thoughts that I’ve not invited.

I think I’ve said it before & I’m sure I’ll say it again… I’m an only child–for all intents and purposes–and sometimes I really act like it.  Okay.  Probably more like: oftentimes, I really act like it.  Time after time, I find myself in a two-year old’s shoes, wanting anything and everything that I can’t and/or shouldn’t have.

Especially with guys.

I always fall for the guys who are already in relationships.  Or who are completely wrong for me.  Right now I have one of each in my head.

I think part of my problem is that I get bored too easily.  I’m not–nor have I ever been–much of a relationship kind of girl.  While I sometimes crave that stability, when I’m actually in a “relationship,” I get antsy and bail pretty quickly.  I could get all psychology student on you here and go into why that probably is, but I’ll save it for another day.

Suffice it to say, this is the story of my life.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever change.  I suppose if I ever meet “the one,” it will be easier to be there in the relationship.  But maybe not.  Maybe I already met “the one” and moved on before I could realize it.

Oh well.

We’ll see, I guess.