LibraryDiva & I went to see The Rat Pack is Back last night.  I was excited.  LibraryDiva was basically just going to be nice to me.

When we got to the hall, the ticket collectors looked at our seats and asked if we wanted better seats (I’d bought the cheapest available).  I think my reaction was something like, “Psh, uh, um, uh YES!”  She took us over to a table and gave me a little piece of paper that said “Replacement Ticket, Entry 1, Row CC, Seats 15-14.”

Row CC turned out to be the front row.  Fairly close to the center.  I was freaking out.  LibraryDiva was laughing at me.

I’d warned her earlier in the day that I’d probably be pretty critical of the show.  (I’ve been to too many of these things to count.)  But when the curtain went up, and the band started to play, I was one happy camper.  It was quality.  The guys had the originals’ personalities and mannerisms down.  Their voices lined up well.  It was pretty darn impressive.

If you’ve ever seen [a recording of] the real Rat Pack, you know that they made jokes and messed with the members in the audience.  This was no different.

“Joey Bishop” started it off with a string of hilarious jokes.  At one point he called out this guy sitting on the end, saying “Everyone in the audience is laughing except you.  What’s wrong?  Don’t you get it?  Don’t worry, I’ll talk slower next time.”

When “Sammy Davis, Jr.” came out on stage, he came down the steps, into the audience and shook hands when those of us in the front row.  Then he stopped in front of this couple, asked the woman to give him a kiss on the cheek, and then messed with her husband about it.

“Dean Martin” asked one girl if she knew the difference between “wild sex” and “camping.”  When she said no, he asked, “Do you want to go camping??”

And then it was our turn.  The Rat Pack was always taking songs and changing the words to them.  It was funny.  They had this one where they’d sing, “I love a broad with no brassiere.”  Ahem.  Yeah… “Joey” stood on the stage directly in front of me and stared.  At first he didn’t say anything but then he pointed me out and starting making…um…comments.  “Look at the melons on that girl.”  Yeah.  Uh huh.  There were other comments.  Use your imagination.  Oh, and don’t forget to picture the uh, groin thrusts.  The entire audience was laughing.  LibraryDiva was laughing so hard that she had tears streaming down her face.  I had all four guys standing there staring at me, singing, and making comments about my freakin chest.  I’m not going to lie though–I was laughing too.  I loved it.  hahaha!  Eventually “Frank” took control of the situation and told “Joey” he needed to apologize.  So “Joey” looked at “Frank” and said, “I’m SORRY, Frank!”  “Frank” looked at me and then back to “Joey” and said, “NO!  Apologize to her!”  So he did.

But it wasn’t over.  “Dean” had a red handkerchief in his tux pocket.  Or that’s what you would assume.  But when “Frank” pulled it out, it was actually a pair of women’s panties.  He asked whose they were, then pointed to me and said, “Hers?”  “Dean” said no, that they belonged to the girl he’d gone “camping” with.  But then he pulled a different pair of panties out of his jacket and said, “These are hers.”  Again.  Entire audience?  Laughing.  I laughed, too. But I’m sure I turned a million different shades of red during the whole thing.

When the show was over, the guys hung around so people could meet them on the way out.  I took a few pictures there (photographs were not allowed during the show) and told them all how much I enjoyed the show.  I told “Dean” that I thought he was the best “Dean” I’d ever seen–the truth.  He was very gracious.  They were all very nice, actually, and specifically recognized us as we were going through the line as two of the people from the front row that they’d messed with & sang to during the show.  When I got to “Joey” he thanked me for being such a “good sport.”

It was a lot of fun.  I can’t tell you the last time I laughed (or blushed) so much.  Definitely a night I won’t forget.  🙂