One of the interesting things about this whole blogging thing is watching the search terms that lead people to my little corner of the blogosphere.  Recently, this popped up:

“i work at a library” social phobia

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I guess the reason I’m so amused by it is that, while I can piece together why that search might’ve lead someone here, I’ve never actually written about it… And yet.  And yet. I do sort of have a social phobia.  And I do work at a library.

I’m a fairly anti-social person.  I have a handful of good friends but 9 times out of 10, give me the choice between going out to a party or a bar, and staying home to watch a movie or read a book….And I’m going to stay home.

But, like I said, I work at a library.  I’ve been in my current position for a little over a year but before that, I worked at other librarys for a total of about three years.  And always, always public service.  Why??  I’m not a huge fan of people (I very much prefer the company of animals!), so why do I continue to put myself in this position?  I honestly don’t know.

So to whoever searched “i work at a library” social phobia–I understand.  I feel your pain.

is there such a thing as a fear of paper? some kind of phobia? because i think i’m developing one.

im afraid to ask

i am the QUEEN of paper cuts.  just sliced my finger open. it started to bleed immediately.
put a band aid on it.
bled thru first band aid in like 30 seconds so now i have 2 more on my finger

lol yea paper doesnt like you
you have to watch that paper….dangerous

it IS
[sad face]
[crying face]



LMFAO!!!!!  are you having those symptoms??? LMFAO!

lol maybe.

[Yes.  2 Spiderman Band-aids, my friends, for one stupid paper cut. 3 if you count the one I bled through and disposed.]