So, I’ve always had this thing with quotes.  Whether it’s a famous quote from a famous person, or something random and funny from a friend or acquaintance…Good quotes just sort of capture who a person is at that time and place.

And so I give you what I hope will be the first of many such gatherings of quotes from my professors, my colleagues, my friends, and whoever else I might come into contact with…

When trying to do a quick calculation in her head…

I went to Law School.  I don’t do math…Isn’t that why we’re all here?  -KSK

I wanted to hug her.  Yes.  Yes–that is exactly why I’m here!  Seriously.  I have a degree in English (worthless) and I literally do not do math.  That is why I’m here.

*     *     *

In a mock class…

Normal human beings don’t use words like that.  You don’t say “I have privity with my family.”  -JDC

But you know there is going to be some arrogant law student walking around here within the next couple of weeks throwing out every new word they’ve learned, every chance they get.

*     *     *

When talking about a specific case…

What kinds of things do you learn from people?  -JDC

[Caught off guard & clearly not paying attention] Umm…Roll your windows up when it’s raining.  -Joe Schmoe Law Student [probably not for long]

If you can’t even pay attention during Orientation week…my guess is, you won’t be paying attention a couple of weeks into the semester.  Anyone care to place a bet on when Joe will be gone?

Ok.  So Orientation week is finally coming to an end and I must say–it is a huge relief.  This week has been busier for me than the average week during the semester will be.

To give you an example…

7-4 Work
4-5 “My first year” Law Student Panel
5-5:30 Law Student Organization Panel
5:30-6:30 Law Alumni Welcome Reception
6:30-9:30 Class

Now, we didn’t have back to back programs like that every day (though there were quite a few I would’ve liked to attend that were scheduled during the day when I was working) but the days that I didn’t have some place to be right after work, I was reading or reviewing for class.  So basically, I left my house around 6:40 every morning this week and got home around 10pm.  Makes for a long week.  Though, really, I guess I shouldn’t complain as I know there are others who are not only working full-time and going to school part-time, but who also have families and/or a commute–one woman has an hour drive to get to the school.  Yikes.

I have already developed a sort of grudge against the full-time day students.  I’m not completely serious–part of that is joking–but I am a little jealous–not going to lie.  They can sit here in the library all day long and get their reading done and prepare for their classes.  I sit here in the library all day too but I think my superiors would be less than pleased with me if I had a casebook open on the circ desk and I sat here briefing on their dollar.

There are tradeoffs, though.  Assuming they don’t come from wealthy families, they’re racking up the debt right now.  (Some, I know, have scholarships and/or grant money but I’m trying to make myself feel better here, so I’m not going to think about them.)  They are also taking more classes so it does involve more work than a load of just 2 or 3 classes….but again–they can concentrate fully on their school work whereas others have jobs (like myself) and possibly even families, too.

And by the way, I honestly don’t know how people manage to maintain healthy relationships through school.  I mean, I suppose you just have to learn to prioritize and organize your time but this past week was so ridiculous.  Other than my coworkers, I have literally not spoken to anyone outside of my classmates and the professors.  I got a blackberry about a month ago and I’m seriously considering actually scheduling in “friend-time” and “family-time.”

Ok.  Well, we have one more event tonight and then it’s on to the crazy of the first semester.

Good times ahead…