My favorite word lately has been “egocentric.”

From the OED:

a. Centred in the ego; in vague or popular use: self-centred, egoistic.

b. Philos. egocentric predicament, the supposed impossibility of knowing anything outside one’s own mind.

Also as n., one who is self-centred. So {smm}egocen{sm}tricity, ego{sm}centrism, the state or quality of being egocentric; self-centredness; ego{sm}centrically adv.

Part of the reason I like this word so much is because I’m given so many opportunities to use it, working in a law library.  No offense to any law students–I used to be one!–but I think it takes a certain amount of egocentricity to go to law school… to be in the world of law at all, for that matter.  I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.  It’s just necessary, in a sense, in order to be successful.

Egocentricity isn’t necessary for everyone, though.  While I think everyone gets a case of it from time to time, someone who is consistently egocentric is hard to deal with.

The reason I’m ranting about egocentricity is this:  I was thinking about my previous post.  I put it out there, without going into much detail, because it’s something that’s been on my mind.  It’s funny though–With the lack of detail, any single person reading it might’ve had an idea as to who they thought I was writing about, which is totally fine.  But the person I was actually writing about, is so completely lacking egocentricity that there would probably never be an assumption of any kind.