High surf, southern Australian coast, Australia

…pain ebbs and flows.

You can be waltzing through life, going about business, and that tide will just hit you.  Seemingly out of the blue.  Unexpected.

Like a Ton. Of . Bricks.

Pain, especially grief, is unpredictable.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

If you haven’t lost someone close to you…well, you are lucky, but–unfortunately–one day, you too will understand the feeling.  Short of putting up walls and refusing to love, everyone out there is going to know the pain and grief of losing a parent, a friend, or, God-forbid, a child, at some point or another.

They say time heals all wounds.

They are full of shit.

Not even going to lie.

Or at least as far as I can tell.

As time passes, you might get away with longer stretches of anguish-free existence but the pain of losing someone close, never really goes away.