is there such a thing as a fear of paper? some kind of phobia? because i think i’m developing one.

im afraid to ask

i am the QUEEN of paper cuts.  just sliced my finger open. it started to bleed immediately.
put a band aid on it.
bled thru first band aid in like 30 seconds so now i have 2 more on my finger

lol yea paper doesnt like you
you have to watch that paper….dangerous

it IS
[sad face]
[crying face]



LMFAO!!!!!  are you having those symptoms??? LMFAO!

lol maybe.

[Yes.  2 Spiderman Band-aids, my friends, for one stupid paper cut. 3 if you count the one I bled through and disposed.]

Another entertaining google chat…

J: someone stole one of the flags with the pole over the weekend! another reason why people annoy me!!

lol whats the point

me: oy


so over them.

pretty much all of them can go away.

J: i no right

maybe we can put them in a container ship and dump them in ocean?

feed the sharks a little?

(do vegans oppose humans being eaten?)


me: that sounds like a plan.

i suppose it’s probably not very vegan but i love animals. no one ever said anything about having to love people too.

J: haha thats cool

and the sharks are hungry :)

me: very true. love sharks. feed them people. let’s do it. i’m thinking some sort of “Noah’s ark” scheme. tell them all the world is ending. gonna be biggest flood ever. stick them in the boat and ship them out.

J: haha awesome

lets start a cult convincing people this..and we should make them pay us before they leave on the ark lol

me: oooooooooo excellent.

i like it.

since you’re president of your club thing, you’re clearly the more charismatic one. you get out there and start swaying people. i can work on some promotional posters or essays or something like that. hehe

J: club thing??

this is THE society for . . . ebusinss!


spelt wrong fuck

me: LOL

*     *      *       *      *

And a little while later…

me: LO awesome.

errrrr LOL


J: is LOL when you acutally laugh out loud lol?

and lol is just pretending to LOL;

me: lol…..ummmm maybe. and since i’m sitting at the circ desk, it definitely looks great with me typing away and laughing

J: haha thats pretty funny

A couple of things.  First, this probably isn’t the best representation of vegans.  I don’t actually want to feed all people to the sharks.  Some, perhaps, but not all.  Second, I edited this a bit with the spell-check but it is a chat so hopefully you can forgive the lack of capitalization and/or grammatical errors, etc.  😉

Via GoogleChat…

me: bitter people irritate me. this place irritates me. i need to get out of here. i wanna run away.

seriously. running away.

[10 minutes passed]

J: sorry had to go on a mission lol

whos irritating u?

[10 minutes or so passed]

J: wake up lol

me: was my turn to go on mission. went on mission to kill.

J: oh dear lol. who u kill?

me: it was a spree

J: oh shit… hope u didnt get blood on the blackberry

me: nope. blackberry was tucked away. came away clean & pretty.