While I fully intend to keep this as closely related to law/law school as possible, I thought I’d allow myself this little side note since it sort of is–in a round-about way–related.

So about a month ago, I went to a local Italian festival and ended up really loving this one band that played.  They’re called Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms.  They have a lot of energy and a lot of talent.  They have a big band sort of feel to them with a trumpet, a sax, an accordion, a variety of percussion, a trombone at times, a guitar, a bass guitar, and a number of other instruments that are used for certain songs.  I think it was stated perfectly in their History:

They have been acclaimed for their ability to captivate the younger “Pop Culture” audiences while simultaneously thrilling established fans of Italian and Swing music.

It is that type of music where you could feel comfortable going with your friends or your family; something in it for everyone to enjoy.

When I saw them the first time, it was downtown, at a large, out door amphitheatre.  There were quite a few people in the audience and the stage felt distant.  However, the band still managed to project a familiar and relaxed sort of attitude that drew the crowd in.  They were funny and personable.  It was, overall, a really great show.  I’d originally gone to see a group of performers that weren’t playing until later that evening and ended up more impressed with the EuroRhythms than with the group I’d been looking forward to.  I bought all three of the EuroRhythms’ CDs and went home that evening to look up their tour schedule.

The only time I was able to mesh their shows with my own schedule was this past weekend so I made a little road trip of it.  I had quite a bit of reading to do for school so I took my books with me and spent all day Saturday getting the majority of it done.  Then, around 6pm, I left my hotel and went out in search of this San Rocco Festa.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  A relatively small park with a number of booths set up with food and a couple with shirts and little fair-type-souvenirs.  The stage was about as small as it could be with a 8 man band and it was roughly constructed.  I had my doubts at first but the EuroRhythms went on to do a great show and it turned out to be a lot of fun.


During their break, one of the members of the band came over to talk to a group that I was sitting next to.  When he saw me, he asked if I’d been at the other show.  I said yes and we went on to talk for a few minutes.  I was flattered that he’d remembered me and he said he was flattered that I’d driven two hours just to see them perform.  He told me that I should come up to the front after the show and meet the rest of the band.

So of course I did just that.  All of the guys seemed genuine.  They were very funny and laid back.  I stuck around to talk and take pictures with the guys, and actually ended up hanging out with some of them for a while.  At the end of the night, I was even treated to an a cappella version of one of their songs, as we walked through the parking lot.

It was the perfect way to end my life.  I say that jokingly but honestly, with school I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do things like that anymore.  And that makes me really sad.  I suppose I’ll just have to make the time for little weekend trips.  I’ve already got it in my head that I’m going to somehow manage to get all of my work done during the week and have weekends to myself…so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I am a very nontraditional student in the number of classes I’m taking.  My school is very flexible, for which I am eternally grateful, and I am only taking two classes this first semester–Contracts and LARW.  That should make life a little bit easier than it might otherwise be…but I’ll still be working from 7-4 Mon-Fri and in class 3 nights a week.

Anyway.  This week has been Orientation.  AKA crazy.  I’ll definitely post about that within the next couple of days.

So until then–