So this medicine that I’ve been taking for the past month–my doctor prescribed it, hoping it would help raise my blood pressure–has a possible side effect of “vivid dreams.”  Well, I’m definitely experiencing exactly that.

The night–early morning–before my sweet kitty, Duncan, died, I woke up after having one such dream and wrote the following down so I wouldn’t forget:

Dream 1/18

Like snow on trees but really just blossoms.  Dad was there.  Talked about debit cards. Troubles  was there.  Dead rotting animal by gate to leave backyard.  Backyard was like it used to be–old fence & gate.  A small white baby rabbit came up to me.  Told Sherlock & Cookie to leave rabbit alone.  Followed to back of yard where it went down a hole.  Realized there were lots of puppies.  A dead rotting dog was laying there.  At least one dead puppy.  The rest seemed to be ok.

That’s taken word for word from what I wrote out when I was half asleep so if it doesn’t make a lot of sense…that’s why.  A few things– my Dad passed away 6 1/2 years ago.  No clue why we were talking about debit cards.  Troubles was one of our dogs when I was a kid.  Sherlock & Cookie are two of the dogs that I share my home with now.

So crazy that I was dreaming about dead animals–morbid, right??–just hours before I found my cat dead.

Then this morning I got to work and I was telling Lit.Lady about the dream that I had last night.  Another weird one.  I was with K.  Her younger brother was boxing.  It was very strange.  I told K that I didn’t wanna stick around to watch him get pummeled.  She wanted to stay so I told her to call me when she was ready to leave and I’d come back to pick her up.  I left.  I arrived at this random house…On. A. Horse.  I don’t ride horses.  I haven’t even been near a horse in probably ten years or more.  But these people offered to feed and water the horse.  I gratefully accepted.  Then, I was inside their house and went down into a basement for some reason.  There was a dead man laying on the floor.  I yelled up the stairs to the people that their grandfather had died.

That’s all I remember.  I must be pretty screwed up when I’m always dreaming about death.

Anyway, after I told Lit.Lady about the dream, she commented, looking a little worried, I might add, that she hoped no one’s grandfather died today.

Yeah.  Me, too.