Families Are Evicted From Homes As Economic Crisis Worsens

Yesterday afternoon the mother asked if I’d seen the mail from Saturday.

I said that no, I had not seen it, yet.

She told me there had been something from the University’s Financial Aid Office so I hurried over to look through the stack of mail.  Indeed, one small envelope with the University logo in the top left corner was waiting for me.  I assumed it was something related to my loans.  It was, but not at all what I was expecting.  The letter notified me that because I had fallen under the “half time” mark with my credit hours, I would not be receiving the loan money this semester.


I was scheduled to take the continuation of the same two classes this semester (Contracts II and LARW II) but it had not occurred to me that there might be an issue with credit hours.

Because I’d basically already decided to leave law school, I was only staying this semester to get the loan money.  Sounds stupid, I’m sure, but it’s the truth.  I was scheduled to get loan money that would go above and beyond the tuition.  I’d planned to use it for other bills.  Without the loan money, what reason did I have to suffer through another semester?

I made a pro/con list just to be sure.  The only con that I could come up with for not taking classes this semester was the horror that will be in telling everyone.  I’m half considering a poster or sign that I can carry around and simply hold up when someone asks me about school.  Not only will I have to explain it to everyone that I work with, but as other law students make their way back to the library, they’ll ask, as some already have, about my classes this semester.

The pros far outweigh that one con though:

  • I’ll be able (and more willing) to start English classes in the Summer, rather than wait until next fall
  • I will have time to concentrate on my writing
  • I will be able to read what I want to read
  • I’ll have more time to concentrate on my health (My blood pressure was still down, last I checked, and I’m still getting dizzy fairly often)
  • I won’t have to suffer through another ridiculous wait, wondering about the damage of the curve
  • I might actually be happy again

It’s so crazy and I’m still kind of in shock.  Saturday I was reading a law review article for K.  Sunday I was making pro/con lists.

I have to talk to a few people today but the Contracts class I was supposed to go to tonight?  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

Since it has been about two weeks since my last post, I’m going to go with a quick and easy list for today.

-Christmas was relaxing.  Visited my Aunt & Uncle.  Sat at home with the mother most of the day.

-Had December 25-Jan 3 off from work.  It was AMAZING.

-I was able to spend a couple of afternoons with myFavoriteMedStudent.  Was so great to see her!

-Went to my first [Ice] Hockey game.  It was awesome!

-Saw Where the Wild Things Are at the dollar theater and watched a bunch of movies at home.

-Saw my doctor for a follow up appointment.  My blood pressure went down.  Again.  It isn’t “dangerously” low yet but merely “abnormally” low.  Doc gave me a prescription for something that she hopes will help.  As all of the tests have come back normal, the only thing she came up with was maybe mono but even that, she said, should have shown up in the blood tests.  So tired and cranky I continue.

-New Year’s Eve was fun.  E., K., & I went downtown for “First Night.”  Got there around 4:30 and stayed until just after midnight.  There were a lot of different things going on.  Saw one of my favorite local bands perform, saw the University’s steel drum band perform… There was also a popular Beatles cover band–Hard Day’s Night and many other artists & activities.

-My New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

  1. To have No Regrets.  This has been a sort of motto of mine for a while.  One of my favorite quotes is:  “Life is fleeting; better to make decisions that you enjoy now than to regret that you didn’t make them later.” -Bob Torres.  I have a couple of regrets from this past year, both of things that I did and things that I didn’t do.  I don’t want any regrets in 2010.
  2. To read 50 books this year.  This past year, with law school, was the first time in quite a few years that I haven’t met that goal.  I still managed to get about 45 books but that included a number of books that I re-read as well as several that I had to read for school.  So I guess this year, my goal will be to read 50 new books.
  3. To finish a novel.  Writing a novel, that is.  I’m working on something right now but I only have about 10,000 words.
  4. To make exercise a priority rather than a chore.

-Finally got my grades from the first semester.  Not thrilled with Contracts but satisfied with LARW.  That’s kind of how I expected it to go, though.

-This week is my last week of semi-freedom.  I’m back at work but classes don’t start until next Monday.  I need to start reading for Contracts soon, but I’m cherishing my last bits of sanity for now.

Saturday morning was my Contracts final and the official end to this official hell of a first semester.

The final itself was surprisingly easy.  Ok, not easy, but easier than I expected and definitely easier than the midterm was for me.  And that, my friends, scares me.

Why does it scare me?  Well, I felt like I was in a panic during almost every single Contracts class because I never quite felt like I grasped everything.  But finals rolled around… I studied quite a bit for a couple of weeks and I really “crammed” the night before.  Even so, I probably didn’t study as much as many of my classmates and I definitely wouldn’t have called myself an expert.  But I walked into school Saturday morning feeling relatively at ease.  I went through my notes a couple more times and then when he gave us the exam, I started right in.

I probably missed an issue here or there.  Honestly, though, as long as I at least get a C in Contracts, I’ll be happy.

LARW, now, is a different story.  While I didn’t spend a lot of time on my last Memo, I still think I did pretty well.  Or pretty ok, anyway.  And I’m half-way expecting a fairly decent grade.  I’ll be disappointed if I get a C there.

We’ll see.  At the latest, I’ll know my grades by January 4th.  That’s almost an entire month away, though, so for now, I’m simply trying to concentrate on catching up on sleep.  (I got NINE hours last night!!–I can’t tell you the last time that happened.)  Sleep, pleasure reading, tv, movies… lots of mindless, relaxing activities.

If only I could take a month off from work, too.

Last night Yesterday was a marathon.

Normally we have Contracts Wednesday night for an hour and Thursday night for two hours.  In an effort to conserve trips for everyone, as our LARW class is over, the professor agreed to combine Wednesday & Thursday this week, resulting in a marathon of Contracts last night.

This was bad for two reasons.

First of all, 3 straight hours of contracts is never a good thing.  NEVER.

Second, today is the opening of the New Moon movie.  (Yes, I am one of those people, I admit it)  so last night/this morning  was the midnight show.  It was awesome but please forgive me as I complain a little bit.  The last 24 hours for me has consisted of:

-Worked until 3:45 yesterday (like every other day)
-“Read” for Contracts and had a snack
-Class from 6:30-9:30 (he actually let us go at 9!  Was so excited!)
-Stopped at home to drop off things
-Met LibraryDiva for dinner & caffeine
-Got in the RIDICULOUS line at the theater around 11

-Watched the amazing movie with Lit.Lady and her friend–they got there before us, so they saved us seats!! 🙂
-Got home around 2:45am.  Asleep by about 3.
-Woke up this morning at 6.
-Stayed in warm, cozy bed until 6:15.
-Rushed around house & was out door by 6:30am.
-Got to work and sat at desk with Lit.Lady.  We gushed about the movie for a while.  Then spent next half hour laughing & grunting like Beavis & Butthead because we were too tired to do anything else.  When LibraryDiva got to work at 7:30, she came up to visit.  Between the three of us, we got a full night’s sleep.

I think we’ve all hit a wall.  We hit it at about 8 this morning.  Three hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it.  LibraryDiva & I just left to take something across campus & then to get lunch at Chipotle.  Today was definitely a Chipotle day.

By the time I make it home this evening, I’m going to be more than ready to crash.

But it was worth it.

And now I’m done with class–CRAZY–that fact was honestly a bit overshadowed by the movie.  But it’s very strange to think about.  I know I’ve said it before but this semester has gone by so quickly.  It’s so hard to believe that I’ve almost made it through my first semester of law school.  In two weeks, after the Contracts final, it will officially be over and we’ll get a break.  Looking forward to that more than I can express.

Best of luck to all the other law students out there as the semesters near the end!

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I have one class left.  Wait.  Let me say that again…ONE CLASS.  One class, this Thursday evening, from 6:30-9:30.  Then, that’s it.  I will have finished my first semester as a law student.

Well, after the final, I will have finished.


I turned in my Memo for LARW yesterday.  That class is officially over for this semester.  No more class.  The third and final Memo counts as our entire grade for the class, with the other assignments that we’ve done throughout the semester being Pass/Fail.

Thursday is a marathon of Contracts and then that class is over.  The final isn’t until December 5th so I literally have 2 weeks to prepare for it.  The holiday next week is definitely working in my favor for that class.  Normally we have class Wednesday & Thursday night.  Next Wednesday, the University shuts down at 5 so classes after that are canceled.  No classes on Thursday of course, with Thanksgiving.  Thus, an extra week to prepare for the final.

That’s either going to be a really good thing or a really bad thing.  Good, hopefully, as I know there is a lot of material that I don’t know yet and two weeks will give me enough time to go over everything.  Bad, I fear, as I may work myself to death and completely freak out in the process.  Two weeks is a long time to study for something when you’ve made it a practice your whole life to not study for exams.  hmf.

Last night, I went home after work and just crashed.  I did no reading for class, no studying.  Watched tv while I ate some dinner, and was asleep before the episode was over.

Everyone and literally (some of) their mothers are sick around here.  People have been out with the flu and there’s been a number on campus who have had documented cases of H1N1.  I’m really not freaking out about H1N1, specifically…It’s just sick in general that I can’t handle.  I do NOT have time.  Not that anyone has time to be sick, but especially if you are among the crazy part-time law students, and working full time…


And I swear I’m not getting ready to throw a pity party here, but when you work in the school that you attend, you can’t even call off sick to work with the hope of still making it to class because someone will then question whether you were really sick.  I’ve talked to some of my classmates who have already used sick/vacation time this semester just for catching up on school work.

However, tomorrow it is very possible that I will be doing just that–calling off sick, that is.  I’ve been feeling ridiculously weak, tired, and achy, with sore throat and head aches.  Since my office mate has been out the past two days sick, there is a good chance that I caught something from her–or one of the millions of other sick people around here.

Tonight, my dilemma is this:  Do I go home and take a nap before class?  And simply pray that my professor doesn’t then call on me (as I haven’t done the reading)?  Do I stay here, and suffer through it until my 8:30 class?  Get my reading done and maybe even take a short nap here in the library?

And then what about tomorrow?  I’m really hoping that this passes and I feel back to normal in the morning.  But if it doesn’t…?  Well, I’ve already warned my boss that I might call in sick.  If I stay home, I suppose I’ll try to get to the doctor but again, I have the class issue.  It’s never a good idea to skip class and especially when it’s one that you really don’t understand the content (Contracts).  On the other hand, if I go to class and I really do have some version of the flu, I’ll just be passing it to others.  Also, not good.

Oh, school.  Why must you complicate everything?

Okay.  I realize that it is only the second full week of October but it was a busy week.  And I said from the beginning that I probably wouldn’t blog every day.  But here I am trying to redeem myself.  Again.

So Wednesday was my Contracts final.  It was .C.R.A.Z.Y.  Not because it was necessarily that difficult…because honestly, I don’t know what is difficult at this point.  In other words, everything is difficult for me.  heh.

Anyway.  It was a stressful day.  Class wasn’t until 8:30 so I sat around after work studying.  And freaking out.  I didn’t worry too much up to that point but as my time slipped away, the break-down sneaked in.  But only a minor break-down.  Until I got to the class room, that is, and my computer decided to freak out.  When it was rebooting with the exam software, it just sort of stopped.  I called one of the wonderful IT guys over who looked over my shoulder and helped me get things running again but he left me with a warning: “When you finish, click Exit Exam but don’t touch anything else.  Come see us.”  Yeah…that didn’t help with the nerves.  The entire exam was filled with worry that at any point my computer would just decide I was finished.  Everything turned out okay but it was not a good way to start off my first law school exam.

I got home that night, exhausted, but fairly content.  I felt like…Ok, I probably didn’t do incredibly well, but now I know how I want to and need to study for the final.  The midterm was required but didn’t actually count for a grade so even if I failed it won’t hurt me in the end.

I felt like I knew more than I thought I did…if that makes any sense.

But yesterday, that changed.  In class, the professor went over what he was looking for in the exam.  Heh heh heh.  I got some of it.  And I have absolutely no idea what kind of a grade he’ll give me.  But I know I was missing a lot.  So all night, I was sitting there going through my head, thinking, “What am I doing here?”  “Why did I think I should do this?”  “Why did I think I could do this??”

I’m feeling less of that today but I think that’s just because it’s Friday and I’m going out tonight.

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow…

A couple of students came by to see me before class today in a state of despair.  I told them it was quite normal.  I don’t think that’s what they wanted to hear. –Contracts Prof