After spending the last couple of days road tripping, I’ve come up with a few “Rules of the Road.”

  1. When it is mid-60’s (F) or higher, one must roll the windows down.
  2. Music is essential.  It doesn’t matter what genre or artist.  It can be country, dance, techno, pop, Bob (Dylan or Marley)…Whatever mood the road puts you in at any given time.  Dancing in the car is also a plus.
  3. Drive the Byways whenever possible!!

I cannot stress #3 enough.  I’ll be honest–I didn’t set out with the intention of driving the Byways; it just sort of happened.  I realized that I had no money on me and therefore could not drive toll roads.  (Well, that and I think it’s silly to pay to drive on any road, as I’m already paying for gas, insurance, etc.)  I informed my GPS of this and off we went.  The Byways are not necessarily a direct shot from point A to point B but they are well worth any extra travel.  At least, that’s my opinion, based on what I’ve encountered so far.

I stopped at a number of places to take photos and I’m sure I’ll post some later but right now, I’m ready to relax.  Eight hours on the road will do that to ya.