Comic Hour

I’d like to think that I read a wide variety of books.  I like some of the classics, I like biographies & memoirs, I read nonfiction occasionally, I’ll throw some young adult fiction into the mix every once in a while, I enjoy the quality literary fiction…But I also know how to kick back with a good contemporary book or some easy chick lit.

I think it’s important to challenge oneself by trying new things and if you’re a reader, I definitely think it’s worthwhile to read outside of your normal comfort zone from time to time.

But one thing that gets really annoying?  Book snobbery.

And I’ve seen a lot of it.

With a degree in English, I’ve come across my fair share of book snobs.  They’re easy to spot.  They’re those people who talk–high & mighty–about all of those books that you know they read just so they can talk about them.  They’re the people who look down on others for what they read or don’t read.

Dude.  I say read what you want.  If you’re reading, you’re already a step ahead of the rest of the population who’d rather spend every waking hour in front of the tv.  Challenge yourself, occasionally.  You might be surprised and find that you like something different.  But ignore those people who try to make you feel bad.