…It’s harder than it sounds.

When I was younger, my dad used to tell me to “make it a good day.”

It’s been almost 7 years since he passed away and I hold those 5 little words close to my heart.  It’s one of those things that I can still picture him saying.  I can even hear the words coming out of his mouth.

I swear, though, that every morning I make that statement–I’m going to make it a good day!–it’s as if the world sets out to make sure I fail.

I don’t actually think the world is out to get me.  No worries.

But really.  I woke up with a good attitude this morning.  Made that statement.  Then, got to work and gave myself a paper cut within ten minutes.  Shortly thereafter, the campus police unlocked the front doors & nearly scared me to death.  They asked if the fire alarm had gone off.  Said there had been reports of smoke at the circulation desk.  Ummm… Well, this is the circulation desk.  There’s no smoke here.  And there hasn’t been an alarm since I got here 10 or 15 mintues ago. “Oh, okay,” they said.  And then turned around and walked out.

I feel safe.

So it’s been an interesting morning.  And it’s not even 7:30 yet.  I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the day will hold.

I feel like I’ve been sucked into a time machine and transported back to high school.

Work has been ridiculous the past couple of weeks.

People have been gossiping more than normal.  People have been more childish than normal.  People around here still haven’t figured out how to step up and take responsibility for their mistakes.

Seriously.  Ridiculous.

More than once, I’ve day dreamed about simply walking out and never coming back.

If only…

So I finally made it to a Cleveland Indians Home Opener and they lost.

But that’s jumping ahead quite a bit.

The game, despite the end result, was a good one.  Both teams–Cleveland & Texas–played well, I thought.  For the most part anyway.

My day started off normally.  Woke up at a ridiculous time.  Got to work at a ridiculous time.  Spent a ridiculous amount of time at the circ desk.  But then I got to change things up a bit.  I left work at 11:45–instead of 3:45–and instead of driving home, I drove to Cleveland.

At first I thought I’d given myself way too much time but by the time I got closer to the city, I started to wonder if I’d have enough time.  The traffic was crazy.  There were people everywhere.  The bars and restaurants all around the Field were overflowing.  And my normal parking deck for Indians games was already closed.  Bummer.

So I kept driving.  And driving. And driving.  Finally, I found a lot that was a mile or more away from Progressive Field.  All things considered, not bad.  And a plus–I only paid $4 to park.

I took copious notes in my phone so I’d be able to find my way back to the car, as I’m directionally challenged.  In between which streets?  What’s the lot called?  Where exactly is my car?  Which way did I walk?  Then I hiked through the city towards what I hoped was Progressive Field.  Though, if I’m being completely honest, I must admit that I followed a group wearing Tribe shirts & jackets.

When I arrived, I claimed my magnetic schedule for the season & a program, and then found my way to the top.  Since I bought my ticket pretty late, I couldn’t be too choosy about the location.  But actually, it turned out to be pretty darn decent.  I was in Section 458, the third row.  Other than a few obnoxious (and drunk) old men to my left, I had nothing to complain about.

There were a few strange things about the game itself, though.

First of all, Shin-Soo Choo seemed a little…”off.”  While he did get a homerun (CHOOOOOOO!!!!), he also made a…. “silly” out.  Bill Lubinger said it best in this Plain Dealer article, yesterday:  “Choo drew a one-out walk in the third, but when designated hitter Travis Hafner popped up, Choo began racing around the bases, blundering into an easy and puzzling double play.”  It was really bizarre.  Everyone was yelling “ONE OUT!”  But Choo thought the inning was over.  And then it really was over.

The other strange thing about the game was the catcher, Mike Redmond… It wasn’t anything that Redmond did but rather what happened to him.  He caught a number of foul balls…and not in his mitt.  One clipped his knee.  He caught one with his shoulder.  And it seemed like there were a few others in there off the chest or other body parts.  Two of those balls completely knocked him over, one of which brought out a coach and trainer.

Now, I played catcher.  It was wayyyy back in the day–slow pitch softball.  A horse of a very different color, obviously.  But I understand that as a catcher, unfortunately, you’re not going to catch everything.  And sometimes you get beat up a little bit.  But this was ridiculous.  It was one after another.  The guy just could not catch a break.

The game was close.  Tied, in fact.  It went into an extra inning and while Cleveland was close, it was Texas who got the go-ahead runs to win the game.

Next year, I’d like to get a hotel in Cleveland and make a whole trip of it.  Stay the night before and perhaps even the night after the game.  Be close enough to walk to Progressive Field.  Be close to the restaurants (and bars).

I’m already looking forward to it.  🙂

I give you the Second Edition of Twitter Tuesday.  For the first edition, see here.  And don’t forget to follow me, @kmf85, on twitter! 🙂

  • Belting out “And It Spread” with the Avett Brothers on the way to my happy place (i.e. The place with the coffee). Good start to the day. 6:15 AM Apr 6th via UberTwitter
  • It’s so eff’n hot in the library. This is not acceptable. 9:04 AM Apr 6th via Flock
  • The heat has turned my brain to mush. I can’t tell you how many stupid things I’ve done today. More than normal, that’s for sure. 4:38 PM Apr 7th via UberTwitter
  • And I’m done with full night’s sleep until Aug/Sept. Only downfall of baseball season-the night games don’t mesh well with early working. 6:44 AM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • Omnis make me crazy sometimes. Go #vegan! 8:47 AM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • There’s something a bit hypocritcal about complaining that other people complain too much. 9:42 AM Apr 8th via Flock
  • Just saw a yellow jeep wrangler with Indians license plates on it in the deck. I want to find that person & marry them just for the car. 5:51 PM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • According to ssa.gov, there were 248 other Kristina’s born in Ohio, the same year I was born. Twas 54th most popular girls name that year. 10:28 AM Apr 9th via Flock

Dear Coworker,

What I would like to say is, “Mind your own **** business,” but I’m trying desperately to find a more polite way to put it.

If you are not my supervisor and you are not my mother, you really do not have any room to tell me what to do.  You can ask me to do something for you, work-related, and I’d be happy to help, if I can.

Other than that, please keep your nose out of my business.



Second edition of Foto Friday.  Again, this picture is pretty random.

Yes.  It’s just a coffee cup.  I realize that.  But I was so excited when I got it!  Found it at Old Navy.  It’s only 12 oz. so that was a little disappointing but I really like it.  It’s simple.  I like the style (I can pretend that I’m drinking Starbucks even when it’s home brewed!).  It’s very easy to clean.  All good things.

So I threw it in my bag and when I found myself at Starbucks later that day, I got coffee–it was cheaper, I didn’t waste a paper cup, and I got several compliments on it!  One of the baristas asked if I’d bought it at Urban Outfitters and the other said she’d seen them at World Market, too, so apparently they’re popping up everywhere.

As I said, it’s only 12 oz. so unfortunately, when I’m on the run and I’m going to need more caffeine than 12 oz. can hold, I still get a paper cup.  But I’m going to keep my eyes open for a bigger size.  Until then, I’ll be using it, at the very least, whenever I camp out in a coffee shop.

As a reminder to everyone on the other side of the desk:  Keep in mind that we’re people, too–the people behind the library circulation desk, the people in the Dean’s office, etc..

I get that law students are stressed.  I’ve literally been there.  I understand.

But as easy as it is to let law school control your life and dictate your moods, try to remember that every person you come into contact with really does have feelings, too.

Also, if you’re chronically cranky, know that we’re probably going to talk about you.  But, on the flip side, if you’re extraordinarily nice, we’re probably going to take notice of that, as well.

And so, I give you, Nicknames, Part II: The Law Students (and Community Patrons).

  • Baby
  • Nepal
  • Scrunchy
  • UglyPants
  • YellowShirt
  • Laptop Thief
  • Creeper
  • GloveMan

Most of these nicknames aren’t creative, I realize.  Some of them are mean.  Some are endearing.  There are others, not listed, that are quite cruel and many of “you” are simply known by your last name.

Oh, and for the record, it’s not always a good thing that someone knows your name.  Sometimes?  Sure.  Always?  Definitely not.