I haven’t written in a while…Not because I didn’t have anything to write about but because if I’d written about what was on my mind, I would’ve gotten into trouble.  There’s been all kinds of drama at work the past few weeks.  Serious drama.  Not just the, “Omigod, ican’tstandher!” kind of thing (though there has been some of that).  But like, people are in serious trouble, kind of drama.  It’s a mess.

The only thing that’s been keeping me going has been the thought of VACATION TIME!  I had to wait a year to take vacation and even before the year was up in January, I was thinking about what I was going to do.  Next week is Spring Break at our School so I figured it would be the perfect time to run away.  At first, I had big plans to go to DC… Gradually that turned into–Save money & stay in Ohio.  Do things I’ve never done around here.  Then sort of randomly, I decided to go to Virginia. Well, it wasn’t entirely random:

It started with this book called Walden Two by B.F. Skinner.  The book is fiction but depicts an “Intentional Community” (see commune).  After reading that book, I came across a community that was, in the beginning anyway, based on Skinner’s ideas.  This community is known as Twin Oaks.  One of the members of the community wrote two books.  The first was called A Walden Two Experiment.  The second was called Is It Utopia Yet?.  I devoured each of these accounts of the community, and began to think about visiting the place to see what it was all about for myself.

The community, as you may have guessed, is in Virginia.  I’ve planned a sort of road trip that will allow me to take my time getting down there over a few days.  I’ll stop in a couple different cities, do some interesting things, eat some good vegan food, and then end up at the community next Saturday if all goes according to plan.  I’m very excited!  I’m looking to find Utopia there, or something closer to it than what I know here, anyway.

My vacation starts tonight when I leave work.  I have quite a bit planned for the next week and tonight’s festivities will include stamping with LibraryDiva and then out to eat afterwards.  I’ve never done the whole stamping thing but I’ve always admired the creativity of those who do.  LibraryDiva assures me that it does not require all that much creativity but if my cards turn out crappy, I’m blaming her. 😉

So this medicine that I’ve been taking for the past month–my doctor prescribed it, hoping it would help raise my blood pressure–has a possible side effect of “vivid dreams.”  Well, I’m definitely experiencing exactly that.

The night–early morning–before my sweet kitty, Duncan, died, I woke up after having one such dream and wrote the following down so I wouldn’t forget:

Dream 1/18

Like snow on trees but really just blossoms.  Dad was there.  Talked about debit cards. Troubles  was there.  Dead rotting animal by gate to leave backyard.  Backyard was like it used to be–old fence & gate.  A small white baby rabbit came up to me.  Told Sherlock & Cookie to leave rabbit alone.  Followed to back of yard where it went down a hole.  Realized there were lots of puppies.  A dead rotting dog was laying there.  At least one dead puppy.  The rest seemed to be ok.

That’s taken word for word from what I wrote out when I was half asleep so if it doesn’t make a lot of sense…that’s why.  A few things– my Dad passed away 6 1/2 years ago.  No clue why we were talking about debit cards.  Troubles was one of our dogs when I was a kid.  Sherlock & Cookie are two of the dogs that I share my home with now.

So crazy that I was dreaming about dead animals–morbid, right??–just hours before I found my cat dead.

Then this morning I got to work and I was telling Lit.Lady about the dream that I had last night.  Another weird one.  I was with K.  Her younger brother was boxing.  It was very strange.  I told K that I didn’t wanna stick around to watch him get pummeled.  She wanted to stay so I told her to call me when she was ready to leave and I’d come back to pick her up.  I left.  I arrived at this random house…On. A. Horse.  I don’t ride horses.  I haven’t even been near a horse in probably ten years or more.  But these people offered to feed and water the horse.  I gratefully accepted.  Then, I was inside their house and went down into a basement for some reason.  There was a dead man laying on the floor.  I yelled up the stairs to the people that their grandfather had died.

That’s all I remember.  I must be pretty screwed up when I’m always dreaming about death.

Anyway, after I told Lit.Lady about the dream, she commented, looking a little worried, I might add, that she hoped no one’s grandfather died today.

Yeah.  Me, too.

LibraryDiva & I went to see The Rat Pack is Back last night.  I was excited.  LibraryDiva was basically just going to be nice to me.

When we got to the hall, the ticket collectors looked at our seats and asked if we wanted better seats (I’d bought the cheapest available).  I think my reaction was something like, “Psh, uh, um, uh YES!”  She took us over to a table and gave me a little piece of paper that said “Replacement Ticket, Entry 1, Row CC, Seats 15-14.”

Row CC turned out to be the front row.  Fairly close to the center.  I was freaking out.  LibraryDiva was laughing at me.

I’d warned her earlier in the day that I’d probably be pretty critical of the show.  (I’ve been to too many of these things to count.)  But when the curtain went up, and the band started to play, I was one happy camper.  It was quality.  The guys had the originals’ personalities and mannerisms down.  Their voices lined up well.  It was pretty darn impressive.

If you’ve ever seen [a recording of] the real Rat Pack, you know that they made jokes and messed with the members in the audience.  This was no different.

“Joey Bishop” started it off with a string of hilarious jokes.  At one point he called out this guy sitting on the end, saying “Everyone in the audience is laughing except you.  What’s wrong?  Don’t you get it?  Don’t worry, I’ll talk slower next time.”

When “Sammy Davis, Jr.” came out on stage, he came down the steps, into the audience and shook hands when those of us in the front row.  Then he stopped in front of this couple, asked the woman to give him a kiss on the cheek, and then messed with her husband about it.

“Dean Martin” asked one girl if she knew the difference between “wild sex” and “camping.”  When she said no, he asked, “Do you want to go camping??”

And then it was our turn.  The Rat Pack was always taking songs and changing the words to them.  It was funny.  They had this one where they’d sing, “I love a broad with no brassiere.”  Ahem.  Yeah… “Joey” stood on the stage directly in front of me and stared.  At first he didn’t say anything but then he pointed me out and starting making…um…comments.  “Look at the melons on that girl.”  Yeah.  Uh huh.  There were other comments.  Use your imagination.  Oh, and don’t forget to picture the uh, groin thrusts.  The entire audience was laughing.  LibraryDiva was laughing so hard that she had tears streaming down her face.  I had all four guys standing there staring at me, singing, and making comments about my freakin chest.  I’m not going to lie though–I was laughing too.  I loved it.  hahaha!  Eventually “Frank” took control of the situation and told “Joey” he needed to apologize.  So “Joey” looked at “Frank” and said, “I’m SORRY, Frank!”  “Frank” looked at me and then back to “Joey” and said, “NO!  Apologize to her!”  So he did.

But it wasn’t over.  “Dean” had a red handkerchief in his tux pocket.  Or that’s what you would assume.  But when “Frank” pulled it out, it was actually a pair of women’s panties.  He asked whose they were, then pointed to me and said, “Hers?”  “Dean” said no, that they belonged to the girl he’d gone “camping” with.  But then he pulled a different pair of panties out of his jacket and said, “These are hers.”  Again.  Entire audience?  Laughing.  I laughed, too. But I’m sure I turned a million different shades of red during the whole thing.

When the show was over, the guys hung around so people could meet them on the way out.  I took a few pictures there (photographs were not allowed during the show) and told them all how much I enjoyed the show.  I told “Dean” that I thought he was the best “Dean” I’d ever seen–the truth.  He was very gracious.  They were all very nice, actually, and specifically recognized us as we were going through the line as two of the people from the front row that they’d messed with & sang to during the show.  When I got to “Joey” he thanked me for being such a “good sport.”

It was a lot of fun.  I can’t tell you the last time I laughed (or blushed) so much.  Definitely a night I won’t forget.  🙂

Another entertaining google chat…

J: someone stole one of the flags with the pole over the weekend! another reason why people annoy me!!

lol whats the point

me: oy


so over them.

pretty much all of them can go away.

J: i no right

maybe we can put them in a container ship and dump them in ocean?

feed the sharks a little?

(do vegans oppose humans being eaten?)


me: that sounds like a plan.

i suppose it’s probably not very vegan but i love animals. no one ever said anything about having to love people too.

J: haha thats cool

and the sharks are hungry :)

me: very true. love sharks. feed them people. let’s do it. i’m thinking some sort of “Noah’s ark” scheme. tell them all the world is ending. gonna be biggest flood ever. stick them in the boat and ship them out.

J: haha awesome

lets start a cult convincing people this..and we should make them pay us before they leave on the ark lol

me: oooooooooo excellent.

i like it.

since you’re president of your club thing, you’re clearly the more charismatic one. you get out there and start swaying people. i can work on some promotional posters or essays or something like that. hehe

J: club thing??

this is THE society for . . . ebusinss!


spelt wrong fuck

me: LOL

*     *      *       *      *

And a little while later…

me: LO awesome.

errrrr LOL


J: is LOL when you acutally laugh out loud lol?

and lol is just pretending to LOL;

me: lol…..ummmm maybe. and since i’m sitting at the circ desk, it definitely looks great with me typing away and laughing

J: haha thats pretty funny

A couple of things.  First, this probably isn’t the best representation of vegans.  I don’t actually want to feed all people to the sharks.  Some, perhaps, but not all.  Second, I edited this a bit with the spell-check but it is a chat so hopefully you can forgive the lack of capitalization and/or grammatical errors, etc.  😉

Snowy Footsteps


When you spend a lot of time with people, you get to know different things about them.  You might learn about their past, their hopes, their dreams… But you might also become aware of their little quirks over time.  Maybe they bite their nails, perhaps they drink coffee like it’s going out of style, or, conceivably, they’re a bit OCD (I mean, CDO–if you get that, then it probably describes you, too). 😉

That’s all fine and dandy–it comes with every new relationship that one forms.

But then there are the qualities about a person that you may just sort of subconsciously pick up on…

For example, have you ever caught yourself identifying someone by the sound of his or her laugh?  That’s not too bad–some people have very distinct laughs.  How about a cough or a sneeze?  (I have a very recognizable sneeze.  Or, I guess I should say, sneezes as I never sneeze just once–It’s usually at least 4 or 5 times, one right after the other.  I kind of sound like a little dog, barking.  Not going to lie.)

And what about identifying someone, simply by the sound of their walk–their footsteps?

I work at a library, as I’ve mentioned before, and many hours are spent sitting at the front circulation desk.  I do more than just check materials in and out, though.  It was best said by @sglassmeyer: “The circ desk worker in a law library is sort of like the law school bartender.” But like any bartender, I have down-times, occasionally, during which I do other work (or–sshh!–blog).  And I don’t necessarily always want any random person creeping up on my computer.

So I’ve adapted.

The way a person walks is quite possibly almost as unique as a fingerprint.  And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the subtle differences.  One woman here wears heels that, even on carpet, are loud.  She always walks with quick, short steps, as if she’s the CEO of a multimillion dollar company and has places to go, people to see… There is another woman who is old and arthritic–I don’t say that to be mean; it’s the truth–so she walks slowly and with a little bit of a drag of her feet.  Another woman…well, I’m not sure what exactly her deal is but I know that every time I hear her coming, I expect to hear a thump as she hits the floor–I swear, it sounds like she doesn’t pick up her feet at all…just dragging them along like a pissed off three-year-old.

Unfortunately, the person I most need to be listening for–BigBossLady–is a sneaky one.  I haven’t picked up on her footsteps yet, but I’m working on it.

Beach Path

We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.

–Paulo Coelho

Have you ever had a friend who has been brutally or painfully honest with you, consistently and regardless of the situation?  It can be a good thing…Honesty is the best policy and all of that crap.  But sometimes, you just want to vent.  You just want a friend.  Someone who will listen and empathize–or at least sympathize.  Someone who will nod their head and simply accept you for who you are…Someone who will put aside their own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs for a moment and just be there, leaving all of the “discussion” and “intellect” out of the equation.

Is that a lot to ask for?  Perhaps.

What if the thing that you need to vent about is something that is, at its core, wrong?  What if it’s something that you are not proud of but it’s still very much a part of who you are and what you are presently struggling with?

This post is full of questions (and short on answers), I realize, but here’s a few more for you:  What is the difference between voicing an opinion and laying out a judgment?  Of course, I think friends can and should be able to be honest with one another.  If you can’t be honest with someone, you’re probably not that great of friends.  But if, when you voice an opinion, it comes off as a judgment…where does the fault lie?  Does the one being “judged” simply need to suck it up?  Perhaps they’re being too sensitive?  Or is the one who is “judging” out of line?  Where does voicing one’s own opinion turn into judging someone for their actions? I think we all judge each other on a fairly regular basis whether we intend to or not.  Whether that’s right or okay to do or not.  But I also think there’s a huge difference between making a silent judgment to oneself and jumping up on one’s pedestal to point out  another’s faults.

Judged Guilty

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

–Matthew 7:1

I’ve learned over the past couple of years that judging another person can be dangerous.  It seems that as soon as I judge another person’s actions, I find myself in a situation where I’m forced to deal with the very same thing that I once judged them for.

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…

–John 8:7

Also, even if it turns out that I never fully understand a person’s actions, who am I to judge?  Am I perfect?  Far from it.  I may not struggle with the same issues but I have my own fair share by which I wouldn’t want to be judged.

We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.

–Ian Percy

Ok. So once again, I’ve slacked with my posts. A lot. But I was motivated today by the desire to post pictures from a concert I went to last week (November 1)–Derek Webb.  Delayed, yes.  Very delayed.   (And, by the way, consider yourself warned that the pictures below were taken with my phone–i.e., not the greatest quality.)

Anyway, for the most part, I’d much rather go to a small concert–where local or at least indie (-ish?) artists are playing–than to go to one of those big, can’t-move-can’t-think-can’t-breathe shows.  I’ve been to a number of big name concerts and while they’ve usually been fun, there’s just something more intimate about a small venue (obviously).  And I think music is, should be, or at least can be an intimate thing.

Now, without further ado…

Marc Scibilia opened.  I’d honestly never heard of him before.  It was just him and his guitar on the stage but as soon as he started to sing, I was hooked.

Marc Scibilia

I bought both of the cds that he had for sale.  However, I’ve barely listened to his first cd, as I’ve fallen a little bit in love with the “from brooklyn to maine” EP.  What I have listened to of the first album, though, seems worlds apart from the EP.  I’m not sure how much I’ll love it, when I’m finally able to tear myself away from the EP, but regardless, this guy has a real voice & I’m looking forward to seeing him in concert again (he told my friend & I after the show that he thinks he’ll be back in Ohio again before the year is over, if I remember correctly, with his band!).

Next up, of course, was Derek Webb.


derek webb

derek webb

derek webb

Derek Webb, Josh Moore, and Chris Kimmerer to be specific.

derek webb

derek webb

derek webb

derek webb

josh moore

josh moore

It was a lot of fun.  Was my first time seeing Derek Webb in concert & I’ll definitely be looking for him when he tours again!


While I fully intend to keep this as closely related to law/law school as possible, I thought I’d allow myself this little side note since it sort of is–in a round-about way–related.

So about a month ago, I went to a local Italian festival and ended up really loving this one band that played.  They’re called Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms.  They have a lot of energy and a lot of talent.  They have a big band sort of feel to them with a trumpet, a sax, an accordion, a variety of percussion, a trombone at times, a guitar, a bass guitar, and a number of other instruments that are used for certain songs.  I think it was stated perfectly in their History:

They have been acclaimed for their ability to captivate the younger “Pop Culture” audiences while simultaneously thrilling established fans of Italian and Swing music.

It is that type of music where you could feel comfortable going with your friends or your family; something in it for everyone to enjoy.

When I saw them the first time, it was downtown, at a large, out door amphitheatre.  There were quite a few people in the audience and the stage felt distant.  However, the band still managed to project a familiar and relaxed sort of attitude that drew the crowd in.  They were funny and personable.  It was, overall, a really great show.  I’d originally gone to see a group of performers that weren’t playing until later that evening and ended up more impressed with the EuroRhythms than with the group I’d been looking forward to.  I bought all three of the EuroRhythms’ CDs and went home that evening to look up their tour schedule.

The only time I was able to mesh their shows with my own schedule was this past weekend so I made a little road trip of it.  I had quite a bit of reading to do for school so I took my books with me and spent all day Saturday getting the majority of it done.  Then, around 6pm, I left my hotel and went out in search of this San Rocco Festa.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  A relatively small park with a number of booths set up with food and a couple with shirts and little fair-type-souvenirs.  The stage was about as small as it could be with a 8 man band and it was roughly constructed.  I had my doubts at first but the EuroRhythms went on to do a great show and it turned out to be a lot of fun.


During their break, one of the members of the band came over to talk to a group that I was sitting next to.  When he saw me, he asked if I’d been at the other show.  I said yes and we went on to talk for a few minutes.  I was flattered that he’d remembered me and he said he was flattered that I’d driven two hours just to see them perform.  He told me that I should come up to the front after the show and meet the rest of the band.

So of course I did just that.  All of the guys seemed genuine.  They were very funny and laid back.  I stuck around to talk and take pictures with the guys, and actually ended up hanging out with some of them for a while.  At the end of the night, I was even treated to an a cappella version of one of their songs, as we walked through the parking lot.

It was the perfect way to end my life.  I say that jokingly but honestly, with school I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do things like that anymore.  And that makes me really sad.  I suppose I’ll just have to make the time for little weekend trips.  I’ve already got it in my head that I’m going to somehow manage to get all of my work done during the week and have weekends to myself…so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I am a very nontraditional student in the number of classes I’m taking.  My school is very flexible, for which I am eternally grateful, and I am only taking two classes this first semester–Contracts and LARW.  That should make life a little bit easier than it might otherwise be…but I’ll still be working from 7-4 Mon-Fri and in class 3 nights a week.

Anyway.  This week has been Orientation.  AKA crazy.  I’ll definitely post about that within the next couple of days.

So until then–