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Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to a gazillion people and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s harder than you think..

Rancho Dino

Pick Your Artist: Dean Martin (who else?)

Are you male or female: Sleepy Time Gal

Describe yourself: Face in a Crowd

How do you feel about yourself: I’m Living in Two Worlds

Describe where you currently live: Green, Green Grass of Home

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: In Napoli

Your best friends are: Pardners

Your favorite color is: Deep Purple

What’s the weather like: I Got the Sun in the Morning

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Confused

What is life to you: You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You

What is the best advice someone has given you: Sway

If you could change your name, what would it be?: Oh, Marie

Your favorite food is: Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me

Your job is: You Can’t Love ‘Em All

The coolest cat that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing died Monday morning.

He had not acted sick or hurt at all.

I walked downstairs in the morning and saw him laying on the floor in the dinning room.  Called him.  Cookie, one of the dogs, sniffed at him.  He didn’t move a muscle.  Tapped his foot with mine.  Nothing.

He was a mere 5 1/2 years old.

I’m heartbroken.  The other animals seem shaken up.  Jayne, his litter-mate, sat upstairs and meowed all day, as if crying for her brother’s passing.

He was my baby and I miss him terribly.

I went to my doctor on Wednesday and I’m still fairly clueless.

They took my blood pressure and it was “abnormally” low.  Even for me–I tend to run on the lower side in general but this was significantly lower still.  I was also still dehydrated despite my efforts to drink lots of water and juice.

My doctor told me to drink even more water, eat lots of salt, and move slowly.

She had the nurse draw more blood so they could run other tests.  THAT was fun.  Nurses never have an easy time with my veins.  Because I was dehydrated, it was even more difficult.  When she finally got a vein, the blood clotted quickly and it took longer than normal to draw two tubes-full.  She showed me after it was over where my blood was clotting in the tube.  She said it normally took about 20 minutes for that to start to occur.  For me?  Less than 2 minutes.

All week I’ve been playing this game where I go home from work and fight sleep for about a half hour to an hour, eventually succumbing.  I sleep until about 10pm at which time I wake up, get something to eat, and go upstairs to bed.  I’ve done that every day.  I feel like I have a little more energy today so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to enjoy this Friday night but we’ll see.

I hope to hear something about my blood tests next week but if not, I have a follow up appointment scheduled for the week after.  Hopefully, I’ll get some answers.

I had a scary episode Sunday night.

I was taking a shower and I’d just finished washing my hair when I started to feel dizzy.  Very quickly, a number of things happened.  I got a sudden rush of nausea, everything got dark, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I managed to turn off the water and step out of the shower.  I was convinced that I was going to pass out and I figured, there was less chance of breaking my skull on the floor of the bathroom than in the shower.  I don’t know how long it lasted, and I’m sure it was probably only about 30 seconds, but it felt like 10 minutes passed before I was able to see clearly and take a deep breath.

I put on a robe and stumbled out to the living room where I told my mom what happened.  By that time, my ears were ringing and I had a tingling sensation in my hands and feet.  She immediately took my blood pressure and it was scary low–as in I should’ve been dead-low.  She continued to take my blood pressure every couple of minutes until it had raised to an almost normal range but when my pulse continued to race, she took me in to the ER.

At the ER, they immediately put me on a heart monitor and soon thereafter did an EKG.  They also ran tests on urine and blood.  Finally, they stuck me with an IV and gave me fluids, apparently concluding that I was simply dehydrated.  The doctor rambled on about something with a hot shower and blood pressure but I wasn’t paying much attention by that point, as there was an old woman, disoriented and upset in the bed next to me, and a man calling “NURSE?! NURSE?!?!” in another.

When they discharged me, they said I should follow up with my doctor in a couple of days.  I’m pretty sure they tell everyone that but this time I’m actually following through.  I’ve been feeling really weak and run down since the incident.  I get dizzy when I go up the stairs or bend down for any reason.  I’ve had a continuous headache as well as an all over sort of dull ache.


So tomorrow I have an appointment scheduled with my doctor.  Hopefully she can give me a clue as to what’s going on here.

Dino kept me awake last night with his stupid wheel.  I don’t blame him at all.  Tis only his nature.  I blame the wheel.  The silent spinner. Yeah.  Silent, my rear.

Okay.  So it’s not really the wheel that’s the problem either.  The wheel itself is pretty quiet.  Not silent but not bad.  The problem is that, when Dino gets running–and believe me, he runs–the wheel moves.  As in–the whole thing moves.  Regardless of where I put it, it moves, closer and closer to the side of the tank, until, at last, with every stinkin’ rotation of the wheel, I hear a thump, thump, thump, thump.  He takes a break, occasionally, to get a drink of water, or to hike up to the top level for a bite to eat…but then it’s back on the wheel and thump, thump, thump, thump.

Last night I was able to laugh about it.  A bit manically, I’ll admit, but still, I was laughing.  I finally fell asleep around 1:30.  This morning, however, when I woke up at 5:30, I was not laughing.

I have to figure something out… Perhaps, I’ll buy some of those chew treats and wedge them between the bottom and the wall of the tank so if Dino decides to chew on them, he’ll be okay.

I suppose it goes without saying that today will most certainly be a coffee day.  Not that everyday isn’t a coffee day… But today is especially so.  And coffee days make me think of Gilmore Girls.  It’s one of my favorite shows of all time–not even gonna lie.  Gilmore Girls makes me smile; I need to smile today.  And since I can’t sit at the circulation desk and watch Gilmore Girls, I’ll settle for a couple of coffee quotes instead, thanks to Cocoa Java.

Lorelai: Please, Luke. Please, please, please.
Luke: How many cups have you had this morning?
Lorelai: None.
Luke: Plus…
Lorelai: Five, but yours is better.
Luke: You have a problem.
Lorelai: Yes, I do.
Luke pours her coffee.
Luke: Junkie.
Lorelai: Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.
A man watches Lorelai drink her coffee, then walks over to her.
Joey: You make that look really good.
Lorelai: Oh it is really good. It’s the best coffee in town.
Joey: Oh yeah? I’ll have to get a cup.
Lorelai: Good plan.

Lorelai: I already had the longest day of my life and it’s only ten o’clock.
Luke: There’s no coffee.
Lorelai: That’s not funny.
Luke: I can give you herbal tea.
Lorelai: This is not an herbal tea morning. This is a coffee morning.
Luke: Every morning for you is a coffee morning.
Lorelai: This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an I.V.
Luke: I can give you tea and a balance bar.
Lorelai: Please, please, please tell me you’re kidding.
Luke: I’m kidding.
Lorelai: You’re sick.
Luke: Yep.
Lorelai: You’re a fiend!
Luke: For here or to go.
Lorelai: To go please.
Luke: You want to know what this stuff does to your nervous system?
Lorelai: Do you have a chart? Because I love charts.

I adopted a hamster this weekend.

I’ve never really been up close and personal with a hamster before, believe it or not, so I had a number of questions when I went to the “pet store” yesterday.  It was actually kind of funny because when you’re getting a hamster, apparently people assume you have a kid.  The lady was like, “So how old is your kid?”  And I should have just said “24” and been done with it, but for some reason, I was momentarily embarrassed…I said something like, “Oh, the hamster will be a family pet…”

Then I was asking if I should get everything set up at home before taking the hammie home.  And she said, “Well, some people take everything home at the same time but maybe you’ll want to bring the whole family back to pick out the hamster.”  I think she was mocking me.

Anyway, I went home & got the hamster habitat set up. I started off with a 10 gallon tank.  I’d read pros and cons for the different sorts of habitats but decided a tank would be best for us.  I bought a wheel, a little edible house, bedding, a water bottle, and food, as well as the 10 gallon tank & a mesh sort of lid.

Then I went back out to pick up hammie.  I decided to go to a different store.  For two reasons.  First, so I didn’t run into the lady who was expecting me to come in with 14 kids in tow.  Second, because there was actually a store closer to my house that I’d forgotten about initially.  No, really.  I swear.

When I got to the store, I asked the girl if there were any hamsters that had been hanging around the store longer than the others.  She said that the Teddy Bear Hamster had been there a while and had just lost his roommate a couple of days earlier.  So that was that.  Teddy was coming home with me.  The whole drive home, I talked to the little guy who was busily trying to claw his way out of the box, that I held in my lap.  I told him about the other animals in his new home.  I told him who he should try to avoid and who he might be able to make friends with.  I asked him if he already had a name and if so, what it was.  He didn’t respond, so we decided to go with “Dino.”


He settled in quite well, once home.  But I felt like he needed a little more space, so today I went out and got a “tank topper” to expand his quarters a bit.  He’s spent quite  a bit of time outside the confines of his habitat and he is a very gentle & cuddly little guy.  But very quick so I have to keep an eye on him–don’t want him to get lost in the disaster that is my bedroom.

Dino's Habitat

The only animal that has been formally introduced to Dino so far is Sherlock.  He seems to be very concerned that we have an uninvited guest in the room.

Sherlock meets Dino

Love my companion animals 🙂

In my first post I said that I planned to keep this fairly anonymous.

…Well, I just posted the link on my twitter profile so that may or may not bring actual readers.

Only time will tell.