Law School

I love my job.

I love my job.

I love my job.

I love my job.

I’m hoping that if I say it enough, it’ll become real.  Because right now I’m thoroughly irritated.

Practically first thing this morning, I had BigBossLady come storming into my office to tell me that there was “another timecard crisis.”  Her words.  Not mine.  Apparently Ms.Encounter, my partner-in-crime, didn’t realize that the timecards were due today.  Because we aren’t going to be here on Monday for the holiday, when they’d normally be turned in, I would’ve thought she’d have realized this–or looked at the payroll schedule–but alas, I was thrown into the fun that is timecards.  What irritated me the most was that half of my student assistants as well as Ms.Encounter had not bothered to fill in their timecards.  Which meant that my morning was spent filling them out.  So not my job.

The rest of the day has just been a barrel of laughs as well.  A well-meaning, generous coworker decided to bring in donuts for my boss’ birthday.  This too irritated me.  First of all, my boss doesn’t do social.  He never comes to any of the other work parties.  He never acknowledged my birthday or Ms.Encounter’s.  All he did for us for Christmas was sneak in over a weekend to leave cards for everyone, then sneak back off for his vacation.  He’s even specifically said that he doesn’t like to be put on the spot with birthday stuff.  I said these things to the coworker.  She ignored me.  I understand that she was just trying to be nice and I think that’s wonderful, but on top of everything else that I’ve mentioned, it also makes Ms.Encounter & I look like crap.  But whatever.

The fun has just kept on coming today.  I could continue to rant and ramble but that will only make me more irritable so I’ll stop.

I’m ready to blow this popsicle stand.  I need to work off some of this tension.  Despite my sore arms, I’m itching to work out.

But for the next three hours, I’ll continue to sit here chanting:

I love my job.

I love my job.

I love my job….

…not being in law school
…looking forward to school instead of dreading it
…getting a good workout after months of slacking
…feeling motivated and positive about life
…wearing jeans to work
…hearing a stranger say “bless you” after you sneeze
…long emails from good friends
…unexpected text messages

I love PostSecret.  I love reading other people’s secrets & being able to identify with someone out there.  Even when they are completely anonymous.  I love when other people see secrets & think of me.

LibraryDiva saw that secret and mentioned it to me when I was blabbering on about the decision to leave law school.  And it’s so perfect.  I’d rather be happy doing “nothing” than to be unhappy, doing the wrong something.  The next couple of weeks might get annoying with answering questions about said decision but it’s so worth it.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

The plan is to take this next semester to really focus on writing.  I’m talking–hanging out in coffee shops with my laptop until they know me by name.

Also, LibraryDiva and I, with some other people at work, are doing this University-wide get-fit program.  It’s this whole big contest where you’re awarded points for working out and for going to different informational sessions.  It should be fun and it will hopefully keep me motivated for working out and eating right.

This year is looking up already.

Families Are Evicted From Homes As Economic Crisis Worsens

Yesterday afternoon the mother asked if I’d seen the mail from Saturday.

I said that no, I had not seen it, yet.

She told me there had been something from the University’s Financial Aid Office so I hurried over to look through the stack of mail.  Indeed, one small envelope with the University logo in the top left corner was waiting for me.  I assumed it was something related to my loans.  It was, but not at all what I was expecting.  The letter notified me that because I had fallen under the “half time” mark with my credit hours, I would not be receiving the loan money this semester.


I was scheduled to take the continuation of the same two classes this semester (Contracts II and LARW II) but it had not occurred to me that there might be an issue with credit hours.

Because I’d basically already decided to leave law school, I was only staying this semester to get the loan money.  Sounds stupid, I’m sure, but it’s the truth.  I was scheduled to get loan money that would go above and beyond the tuition.  I’d planned to use it for other bills.  Without the loan money, what reason did I have to suffer through another semester?

I made a pro/con list just to be sure.  The only con that I could come up with for not taking classes this semester was the horror that will be in telling everyone.  I’m half considering a poster or sign that I can carry around and simply hold up when someone asks me about school.  Not only will I have to explain it to everyone that I work with, but as other law students make their way back to the library, they’ll ask, as some already have, about my classes this semester.

The pros far outweigh that one con though:

  • I’ll be able (and more willing) to start English classes in the Summer, rather than wait until next fall
  • I will have time to concentrate on my writing
  • I will be able to read what I want to read
  • I’ll have more time to concentrate on my health (My blood pressure was still down, last I checked, and I’m still getting dizzy fairly often)
  • I won’t have to suffer through another ridiculous wait, wondering about the damage of the curve
  • I might actually be happy again

It’s so crazy and I’m still kind of in shock.  Saturday I was reading a law review article for K.  Sunday I was making pro/con lists.

I have to talk to a few people today but the Contracts class I was supposed to go to tonight?  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

Since it has been about two weeks since my last post, I’m going to go with a quick and easy list for today.

-Christmas was relaxing.  Visited my Aunt & Uncle.  Sat at home with the mother most of the day.

-Had December 25-Jan 3 off from work.  It was AMAZING.

-I was able to spend a couple of afternoons with myFavoriteMedStudent.  Was so great to see her!

-Went to my first [Ice] Hockey game.  It was awesome!

-Saw Where the Wild Things Are at the dollar theater and watched a bunch of movies at home.

-Saw my doctor for a follow up appointment.  My blood pressure went down.  Again.  It isn’t “dangerously” low yet but merely “abnormally” low.  Doc gave me a prescription for something that she hopes will help.  As all of the tests have come back normal, the only thing she came up with was maybe mono but even that, she said, should have shown up in the blood tests.  So tired and cranky I continue.

-New Year’s Eve was fun.  E., K., & I went downtown for “First Night.”  Got there around 4:30 and stayed until just after midnight.  There were a lot of different things going on.  Saw one of my favorite local bands perform, saw the University’s steel drum band perform… There was also a popular Beatles cover band–Hard Day’s Night and many other artists & activities.

-My New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

  1. To have No Regrets.  This has been a sort of motto of mine for a while.  One of my favorite quotes is:  “Life is fleeting; better to make decisions that you enjoy now than to regret that you didn’t make them later.” -Bob Torres.  I have a couple of regrets from this past year, both of things that I did and things that I didn’t do.  I don’t want any regrets in 2010.
  2. To read 50 books this year.  This past year, with law school, was the first time in quite a few years that I haven’t met that goal.  I still managed to get about 45 books but that included a number of books that I re-read as well as several that I had to read for school.  So I guess this year, my goal will be to read 50 new books.
  3. To finish a novel.  Writing a novel, that is.  I’m working on something right now but I only have about 10,000 words.
  4. To make exercise a priority rather than a chore.

-Finally got my grades from the first semester.  Not thrilled with Contracts but satisfied with LARW.  That’s kind of how I expected it to go, though.

-This week is my last week of semi-freedom.  I’m back at work but classes don’t start until next Monday.  I need to start reading for Contracts soon, but I’m cherishing my last bits of sanity for now.

We all know and expect that some of our fellow law students are going to shall I say this?–completely lose it during finals.  Am I right?  It really is not a big surprise when it happens.  There are some people you just watch all semester, waiting in anticipation for them to have a break down.  I’m probably a terrible person for saying that.  But I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks this way.

Before you judge me, I’m not referring to those too-sweet people who simply crumble under the egos of the rest of the class…But rather, to the students who teeter on the brink of crazy for three months, studying non-stop, not taking care of themselves, and basically driving everyone else crazy.

Working in the law library, I see another side of some people.  One where, even more than normal, the perception is that “the world revolves around ME!  Why can’t everyone else see that?!?”  Don’t get me wrong, most of my classmates are great people.  The majority of them are polite and considerate in class as well as when they come to the circulation desk in the library–not only to me but to my coworkers and to our student assistants.  However.  The crazy students find it more difficult to disguise their true colors when under pressure.

Case in point.  Mr. Suave came up to the desk yesterday and looked around for our group study room sign-up sheet…

We have about ten rooms that students can check out to use for group study so as to not disturb the other students in the library.  We keep record of who has what room, at what time, when it is due back, and we also allow students to make reservations up to 24 hours in advance.

Now, Mr. Suave is not unattractive and my guess is that he has become accustomed to getting his way with a wink here or a flirty smile there.  He is really starting to press his luck with us, though.  There’s been a number of times when he has tried to convince us that we should make exceptions to the rules for him.  *eye roll*

So he was looking for the sign-up sheet.  By the way, I guess that isn’t the best way to describe it because it suggests that the students sign up for rooms themselves.  That is not the case.  We, at the circ desk, check out the rooms as they are available, and record the information for our own use as well as for statistics.  But somewhere along the line, some of the law students concluded that it is okay to reach across the desk, turn the clipboard around, and flip through the study room reservations.

Let me assure you, that is not okay.

Mr. Suave asked me where the sign-up sheet was.  I picked it up from beneath the counter, where I’ve been hiding it lately, and held it so that he could not see it.  He didn’t take the hint, and leaned over the counter anyway, peering to see the information.

“Can I help you?”  I asked him.

“Can I see the sheet?”  He asked.

“What are you looking for?”

“Can I see the sheet?” He repeated, annoyed.

“We don’t have any rooms available for the next four hours.  Would you like to reserve a room around 4pm?”

“Can I see the sheet?”

“I can tell you exactly what we have available and I’d be happy to make a reservation for you, if you’d like.”

“Is this going to be a problem?”


“Can’t I just look at the sheet?!?”

“Well, I just told you what we have available.  Would you like to make a reservation?”

It went on like this for a while.  LibraryDiva had been standing at the desk when he first walked up but disappeared part way through the exchange, telling me later that she had to stop herself from laughing.

I mean, seriously.  I couldn’t tell if dude was going to cry or throw a temper tantrum.

But either way, Mr. Suave was acting like a two-year-old.

Mr. Suave isn’t so suave anymore.

Saturday morning was my Contracts final and the official end to this official hell of a first semester.

The final itself was surprisingly easy.  Ok, not easy, but easier than I expected and definitely easier than the midterm was for me.  And that, my friends, scares me.

Why does it scare me?  Well, I felt like I was in a panic during almost every single Contracts class because I never quite felt like I grasped everything.  But finals rolled around… I studied quite a bit for a couple of weeks and I really “crammed” the night before.  Even so, I probably didn’t study as much as many of my classmates and I definitely wouldn’t have called myself an expert.  But I walked into school Saturday morning feeling relatively at ease.  I went through my notes a couple more times and then when he gave us the exam, I started right in.

I probably missed an issue here or there.  Honestly, though, as long as I at least get a C in Contracts, I’ll be happy.

LARW, now, is a different story.  While I didn’t spend a lot of time on my last Memo, I still think I did pretty well.  Or pretty ok, anyway.  And I’m half-way expecting a fairly decent grade.  I’ll be disappointed if I get a C there.

We’ll see.  At the latest, I’ll know my grades by January 4th.  That’s almost an entire month away, though, so for now, I’m simply trying to concentrate on catching up on sleep.  (I got NINE hours last night!!–I can’t tell you the last time that happened.)  Sleep, pleasure reading, tv, movies… lots of mindless, relaxing activities.

If only I could take a month off from work, too.

Also, sometimes law school has a culture of Freak the Hell Out, and you just get carried away in it.
Thanks, But No Thanks

Um.  Yes.  Freak the Hell Out, party of one, right here.


The search for automatic enlightenment after outlining is like the search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I can’t find it.
i don’t wear skinny jeans

Outlining was going so well for about 5 minutes.  No, but really, I had one hardcore Friday night in the library where I felt so on top of things and Contracts was really coming together for me with the outline.  Then, no more.


Is it normal that I’m still completely lost in Contracts? . . . . Will I have a eureka moment for this class . . . . ? Surely I will, right?
law school ninja

I’m still waiting for that eureka moment.  I desperately need for it to grace me with its presence some time within the next two weeks.  The sooner, the better.  K?  Thanks.


I guess it was only a matter of time. I’ve officially turned into one of those people who randomly pull up cases on Lexis-Nexis for the hell of it.

I do that at work occasionally.  I’m glad I’m not the only nerd 😉


Pre-Made Outlines: You are smarter and pithier than my professor, and you never humiliate me, therefore my adoration never ends.
My Legal Fiction

Given that my professor spent half of the class telling non-related stories, study aids & outlines are going to be my new best friends.


…This is why finals season feels like a SAW sequel: how much are you willing to give to stay alive? An arm? A leg? Your right toe? Dum dum dum…

My sanity?


I did nothing this weekend.  And I don’t even feel guilty about it.  Friday night I caught up on some much needed sleep.  Saturday & Sunday was spent catching up on tv, reading for pleasure, and basically lazing around the house.

It was amazing.

Tonight marks the beginning of operation: don’t-fail-out-of-law-school.

My first goal is to get a plan down on paper for the next two weeks.

Last night Yesterday was a marathon.

Normally we have Contracts Wednesday night for an hour and Thursday night for two hours.  In an effort to conserve trips for everyone, as our LARW class is over, the professor agreed to combine Wednesday & Thursday this week, resulting in a marathon of Contracts last night.

This was bad for two reasons.

First of all, 3 straight hours of contracts is never a good thing.  NEVER.

Second, today is the opening of the New Moon movie.  (Yes, I am one of those people, I admit it)  so last night/this morning  was the midnight show.  It was awesome but please forgive me as I complain a little bit.  The last 24 hours for me has consisted of:

-Worked until 3:45 yesterday (like every other day)
-“Read” for Contracts and had a snack
-Class from 6:30-9:30 (he actually let us go at 9!  Was so excited!)
-Stopped at home to drop off things
-Met LibraryDiva for dinner & caffeine
-Got in the RIDICULOUS line at the theater around 11

-Watched the amazing movie with Lit.Lady and her friend–they got there before us, so they saved us seats!! 🙂
-Got home around 2:45am.  Asleep by about 3.
-Woke up this morning at 6.
-Stayed in warm, cozy bed until 6:15.
-Rushed around house & was out door by 6:30am.
-Got to work and sat at desk with Lit.Lady.  We gushed about the movie for a while.  Then spent next half hour laughing & grunting like Beavis & Butthead because we were too tired to do anything else.  When LibraryDiva got to work at 7:30, she came up to visit.  Between the three of us, we got a full night’s sleep.

I think we’ve all hit a wall.  We hit it at about 8 this morning.  Three hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it.  LibraryDiva & I just left to take something across campus & then to get lunch at Chipotle.  Today was definitely a Chipotle day.

By the time I make it home this evening, I’m going to be more than ready to crash.

But it was worth it.

And now I’m done with class–CRAZY–that fact was honestly a bit overshadowed by the movie.  But it’s very strange to think about.  I know I’ve said it before but this semester has gone by so quickly.  It’s so hard to believe that I’ve almost made it through my first semester of law school.  In two weeks, after the Contracts final, it will officially be over and we’ll get a break.  Looking forward to that more than I can express.

Best of luck to all the other law students out there as the semesters near the end!

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