is there such a thing as a fear of paper? some kind of phobia? because i think i’m developing one.

im afraid to ask

i am the QUEEN of paper cuts.  just sliced my finger open. it started to bleed immediately.
put a band aid on it.
bled thru first band aid in like 30 seconds so now i have 2 more on my finger

lol yea paper doesnt like you
you have to watch that paper….dangerous

it IS
[sad face]
[crying face]



LMFAO!!!!!  are you having those symptoms??? LMFAO!

lol maybe.

[Yes.  2 Spiderman Band-aids, my friends, for one stupid paper cut. 3 if you count the one I bled through and disposed.]

I’ve decided to start reviewing books and movies here.  It won’t be every post & I don’t claim to be Roger Ebert but everyone has an opinion so, from time to time, I’ll share mine.

I’ve also been thinking about the need to change the name of my blog.  While, occasionally, I’ll be writing about the goings-on at the Law Library, this isn’t much of a blawg anymore, since I’m no longer a law student.  It’s not even a “quasi-blaWg” at this point.

I am contemplating the name “Pennies from Heaven”–it’s a song that Dean Martin (and others) sang.

Every time it rains

Pennies from heaven

Don’t you know each cloud contains

Pennies from heaven

You’ll find your fortune falling

All over town

Be sure that your umbrella

Is upside down

Trade them for a package of

Sunshine and flowers

And if you want the things you love

You must have showers

So when you hear it thunder

Don’t run under a tree

They’ll be pennies from heaven

For you and me

Sappy?  Yes.  But I love it.  We’ll see.

Comic Hour

I’d like to think that I read a wide variety of books.  I like some of the classics, I like biographies & memoirs, I read nonfiction occasionally, I’ll throw some young adult fiction into the mix every once in a while, I enjoy the quality literary fiction…But I also know how to kick back with a good contemporary book or some easy chick lit.

I think it’s important to challenge oneself by trying new things and if you’re a reader, I definitely think it’s worthwhile to read outside of your normal comfort zone from time to time.

But one thing that gets really annoying?  Book snobbery.

And I’ve seen a lot of it.

With a degree in English, I’ve come across my fair share of book snobs.  They’re easy to spot.  They’re those people who talk–high & mighty–about all of those books that you know they read just so they can talk about them.  They’re the people who look down on others for what they read or don’t read.

Dude.  I say read what you want.  If you’re reading, you’re already a step ahead of the rest of the population who’d rather spend every waking hour in front of the tv.  Challenge yourself, occasionally.  You might be surprised and find that you like something different.  But ignore those people who try to make you feel bad.

vol. 2

I did this about a month ago and  I thought today was a perfect day to post another “happiness is…” list.  Occasionally, I need a reminder of the many things that I have to be thankful for::

This morning, I woke up to a dead computer so the day started off less than ideal.  But then, the best IT guys in the world fixed it for me.  (I must remember to bring them cookies next week.)  After that, I was busy fretting about classes…followed by creeping on the English Dept. website.  So, it’s been a very roller coaster kind of day, emotionally.

Anyway, without further ado, happiness is…

…having a job, even when I don’t love it (because many people don’t even have a job to hate right now)
…tried & true friends
…getting #ff’ed on twitter
…getting “mentioned” on twitter when I’m not expecting it
…learning the definition of a word that I’ve never heard/used before
…genuine thank yous
…having time to read a book for pleasure
…news worthy of jumping up & down (e.g. computer is fixed! and yes, I did literally jump up & down when they called me)

…family (all variations: fur, blood, friends)
…hoodie weather
…reading a book that makes me want to underline things & write in the margins
…laughing to the point of tears
…bear hugs
…innocent flirting
…sleeping in past 5:30am
…autumn hikes

I’ve recently become a part of an awesome group of people on the Vegan Freak Forums.  Well, I don’t know that I’m actually a part of the group yet, but I have been posting and commenting on various forums & threads.  And I love it.  There is a thread for seemingly everything.

Friday was a pretty good day overall.  Went out to eat with some of the ladies of the library.    Sat around talking to my boss most of the afternoon (a very strange thing, as he rarely communicates with me outside of email)… Then, before I left my office to come back to a storage room that I’ve commandeered as my study room in the evenings & on weekends, I decided to visit the forums.  I came across a thread titled simply “Happiness is…”  People were listing things that made them happy.  Reading through 16 pages of that was infectious and I posted the above as my own.

On my way back to the storage room (which is actually pretty comfy), I stopped to talk to one of my work buddies and I mentioned that I was going to try to focus on the positives at work, as inspired by the thread at the forums.  I mentioned that I do like Friday afternoons when I can turn the lights down in my office, play music on my computer softly, and sit around talking to people.  Also, I like that I have an aquarium in my office, with 2 darn cute platy fish.



That’s all I can say.

Time has honestly just flown by.  Wasn’t always in a good way.  And it didn’t always feel like it was “flying” as I was living through it.  But I simply cannot believe that it is October.

The past month just sort of disappeared.

Okay.  So enough of that.

A quick summary of the past month?  I don’t know if that’s possible.  For one thing, so many things have happened.  For another, I don’t remember half of them.  I suppose all there is to do is move on from here.  If I stay consistent this time–awesome.  If not…what are you gonna do?

A friend’s blog has inspired me.  I’m stealing this from her (and I’m sure she stole it from somewhere else but…)

October 1 begins the third annual Blog-a-Day month. Here are the rules.

1. As there is no prize or reward for following the rules, you may bend all rules. But because if you break the rules you aren’t playing the game, no breaking the rules. Example of bending the rules: You go to bed at 2 AM, so before you go to bed you blog for the previous day. Breaking the rules: Skipping four days and blogging five times to make up for it.

2. A blog entry must be created everyday. More than one blog a day is encouraged.

3. No copy/paste blogs. You may copy/paste as back up or supplemental information, but not as the blog itself.

4. No journaling. If anyone wants to know how your day was, they are kindly making small talk. You must talk about shit. It CAN be about something that happened to you, but it must be an interesting or unique event OR used as a springboard to a discussion.

5. Every blog must have a subject or title.

6. Every blog must have substance. Can’t post “I’m tired” and count it as a blog (hate people that do that). That can be a start, but you had better tell why and it had better be fascinating (or at least mildly interesting). I don’t want to put a minimum number of sentences or words – make it worth clicking on your blog.

7. The occasional blog (and I leave it up to you to define occasional on your own) can be strictly photos if they are photos that you took and if they tell a story or show several things of special interest. Make it worth more than a glance.

8. The rare blog can be a video blog. But because I can read faster than you can talk, make it short and interesting.

9. If you use more than one blog, either double post or dedicate one blog. Don’t make people search to see if you are cool enough to be a part of Blog-a-day October.

10. Proper GRAMMAR and SPELLING should be used as much as possible. Typos and errors, OK. Being an idiot, not OK. None of this text talk crap. If you wouldn’t say it in real life (stupid commercials don’t count), don’t blog it. (BS is OK. OK is OK. IDK is not). Emoticons are OK.

Now, I’m not necessarily committing myself to those rules but I’m going to give it a shot.  Maybe having that in the back of my mind will keep me blogging.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.

A “real” post to follow later.  Hopefully.