At work

The head-honcho.  But let’s be real–he gets paid big bucks to walk around, filling candy dishes and eating the free food.  Seriously, this man makes probably five times what I do and I can’t quite figure out why.

BigBossLady BigBossMan’s second-in-command.  She, however, does much more than BigBossMan.  Whenever we make a decision, we do it with her in mind.  “What does BigBossLady want?”  “What would BigBossLady think of this?”

quasi-bosS My direct supervisor.  He hates his job every day of the week and makes that fact known to most people.  I think he’s probably a pretty decent guy outside of the library but to put it bluntly–he’s not really cut out for being a supervisor.

Ms.Encounter Ms.Encounter is my partner-in-crime in the circ department, as well as my office mate.  She’s the evening supervisor & I’m the day.  We work very different hours and only see each other for a couple of hours most days.  Funny story–When I started working at the law library and we were talking about our backgrounds, we discovered that we went to the same middle school, she a year ahead of me.  Neither of us remembered the other from school but it’s crazy how life takes you in circles sometimes.

I’ve only know LibraryDiva since I started working at the law library, back in January 2009, but sometimes it feels like I’ve known her forever.  She’s been a wonderful co-worker & a great friend.  I can’t imagine working here without her!  We keep each other sane.

Lit.Lady Lit.Lady is one of the student assistants at the law library.  She works primarily for LibraryDiva but spends some time with me in the circulation department, too.  She’s fun to work with and has become a friend, as well, since I’ve started working here.  She just decided to be an English major (hence, the “Lit.” part of her name–Literature) so we have fun talking about the professors and classes.


Prof. S Prof.S is a quiet and gentle man, it seems.  It’s difficult for me to picture him practicing law but he did so for quite a few years.  I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that after he left the law firm, he went back to school for a MFA in creative writing.  He teaches my LARW class.

Prof.W Prof.W is my contracts professor.  It took me a while to warm up to him but he has a sense of humor, which you don’t always find in professors–law or otherwise, and he keeps contracts as interesting as it can be.


E.  I’ve known E for probably about ten years.  She’s been one of my most constant friends over the years.  Never a dull moment with her.

esuduh.  This girl is awesome.  I don’t see or talk to her nearly as much as I’d like but we’ve been buddies since 6th grade.

J. I’ve only known J for about a year but it’s crazy how time flies because it seems strange to picture my life without her now.  She’s one of those foreigners so I make fun of her accent occasionally… But I assume that one day, she’ll pack up & move back to the motherland.  And I try not to think about that.

K. This one is more like a sister than a friend.  I’ve known her forever and we’re constantly fighting like siblings.  That being said, I also love her like a sister.

myFavoriteMedStudent. I say that jokingly because I honestly don’t think I know any other med students.  She lives a couple of hours away now but we make it a point to stay in touch.  Buddies since 7th grade.  And seriously, this lady is one of a kind.  I don’t think I know anyone with a better heart or a better soul.

singinChelle.  Another great girl that I’ve known since 6th grade.  We don’t hang out as often as I’d like, but I’m definitely glad we’ve kept in touch all these years.

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