Yesterday I was in training at work from 8am until about 3pm with a break for lunch.  It was a lot of information and just a long day overall.  Needless to say, the last thing on my mind was posting.  But I do like including some of my tweets here so I give you Twitter Tuesday…on Wednesday.

  • Getting excited about the Dean Martin Festival. The next 2 months need to fly! 9:23 AM Apr 20th via Flock
  • Sorrow makes us all children again – destroys all differences of intellect. The wisest know nothing. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson #quotes 12:49 PM Apr 20th via Flock
  • Just looked in mirror. Saw wrinkles under eyes. Am devastated. 7:08 PM Apr 21st via UberTwitter
  • Just finished the book sale marathon. Final count of 6 bags. Spent about $25. Not bad. 2:23 PM Apr 24th via UberTwitter
  • Coffee and books. Might sound boring to some but it’s the perfect way to end a busy day in my world. 8:04 PM Apr 24th via UberTwitter
  • Mildly attractive guy sitting outside at starbucks. Smoking–minus several points. Talking on 1 phone while looking at another–idiot. 12:01 PM Apr 25th via UberTwitter
  • Just got my acceptance for Grad School. Yay!!! 1:49 PM Apr 26th via UberTwitter