The past week in Tweets…

  • Cleveland-bound for the Indians home opener. Yayyyyy!!! 12:11 PM Apr 12th via UberTwitter
  • Old drunk men next to me are talking (and giggling) about nuts. Do guys *ever* grow up? 3:45 PM Apr 12th via UberTwitter
  • Just saw a “WTF” bumper sticker. I want it. 5:42 PM Apr 13th via UberTwitter
  • Lots of coffee + good friends = better day 6:19 PM Apr 14th via UberTwitter
  • I’m thankful for my friends who bring and/or offer to bring me coffee at work! 🙂 9:47 AM Apr 15th via Flock
  • Determined to make today a good day. Which probably means that it will suck. 6:37 AM Apr 19th via UberTwitter

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