I give you the Second Edition of Twitter Tuesday.  For the first edition, see here.  And don’t forget to follow me, @kmf85, on twitter! 🙂

  • Belting out “And It Spread” with the Avett Brothers on the way to my happy place (i.e. The place with the coffee). Good start to the day. 6:15 AM Apr 6th via UberTwitter
  • It’s so eff’n hot in the library. This is not acceptable. 9:04 AM Apr 6th via Flock
  • The heat has turned my brain to mush. I can’t tell you how many stupid things I’ve done today. More than normal, that’s for sure. 4:38 PM Apr 7th via UberTwitter
  • And I’m done with full night’s sleep until Aug/Sept. Only downfall of baseball season-the night games don’t mesh well with early working. 6:44 AM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • Omnis make me crazy sometimes. Go #vegan! 8:47 AM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • There’s something a bit hypocritcal about complaining that other people complain too much. 9:42 AM Apr 8th via Flock
  • Just saw a yellow jeep wrangler with Indians license plates on it in the deck. I want to find that person & marry them just for the car. 5:51 PM Apr 8th via UberTwitter
  • According to ssa.gov, there were 248 other Kristina’s born in Ohio, the same year I was born. Twas 54th most popular girls name that year. 10:28 AM Apr 9th via Flock