Second edition of Foto Friday.  Again, this picture is pretty random.

Yes.  It’s just a coffee cup.  I realize that.  But I was so excited when I got it!  Found it at Old Navy.  It’s only 12 oz. so that was a little disappointing but I really like it.  It’s simple.  I like the style (I can pretend that I’m drinking Starbucks even when it’s home brewed!).  It’s very easy to clean.  All good things.

So I threw it in my bag and when I found myself at Starbucks later that day, I got coffee–it was cheaper, I didn’t waste a paper cup, and I got several compliments on it!  One of the baristas asked if I’d bought it at Urban Outfitters and the other said she’d seen them at World Market, too, so apparently they’re popping up everywhere.

As I said, it’s only 12 oz. so unfortunately, when I’m on the run and I’m going to need more caffeine than 12 oz. can hold, I still get a paper cup.  But I’m going to keep my eyes open for a bigger size.  Until then, I’ll be using it, at the very least, whenever I camp out in a coffee shop.