No634 just summed up everything I’ve been thinking since…well, since before I even decided to apply to law school.

People ask me what I want to do and despite the fact that I’m in law school, what I really want to do is write.  And I’m not talking about legal memos.

Don’t get me wrong…Most days I feel like I’m doing the right thing [for now].  That I’m in the right place [for now].  But being some hardcore litigator is not part of the plan.  I’m interested in animal rights and environmental law but honestly, I don’t know how much good I can do there without being a litigator.  The only thing that I can visualize myself doing (law-related) at this point in my career is some sort of legal research gig.  Perhaps working for a company like Lexis or Westlaw.  I don’t know though.

We’ll see….