I’ve seriously questioned my sanity today.

This morning I was working at the circulation desk and I checked out a book to one of the professors–Professor R.  Gave her the due date.  All was well in the world.

Photo by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography

Then.  About an hour ago, one of the librarians came up to me and handed that same book back to me.  He said a different professor–Professor M–was returning the book because it wasn’t what she wanted.  I confirmed the name.  Not once, but twice.  Different professor…hmmm….

The wheels started to turn.  The two professors are approximately the same age.  Both have light-ish hair–light brown to blonde, I’d say.  One major difference though.  Professor R is currently quite pregnant.  Professor M is not.  Not even a little.  I went over it repeatedly in my head until I started to really wonder whether I’d somehow mistaken the two–If a woman, clearly not pregnant, had somehow registered in my head as one who clearly is pregnant.

Or if I hadn’t, was it possible that the librarian had made the mistake and confused the two?

I explained to the librarian that the book was checked out on Professor R’s account and then double & triple checked–Professor M didn’t have any holds waiting for her here, nor did she have any holds linked to her library account.  It didn’t make sense.  The librarian said he’d check to see what Professor M was actually waiting for and told me that I should check with Professor R about the book situation.

Venting to a friend, I said,

Someone is going crazy.  It’s either me, the librarian, or Professor R.  I hope it’s not me…but I fear that it is.

So, with what I hoped was a light and joking tone, I emailed Professor R.  It started like this:

Please forgive me, as it is very possible that I’m losing my mind, but I believe I checked a book out to you this morning at the library circulation desk…

And it ended like this:

…I’m hoping that you can shed some light on the situation–either by telling me that I am, in fact, losing my mind, and I didn’t not check the book out to you, or that perhaps the book was set down and then placed in Professor M’s mailbox by someone else.  Regardless, I appreciate your time.

In the end, it turned out that one of the secretaries in the Dean’s office must have put it in the wrong mailbox.

I guess I’m not crazy.  At least, not yet.

…But I still don’t know what the heck Professor M was talking about.