Last night, I went home after work and just crashed.  I did no reading for class, no studying.  Watched tv while I ate some dinner, and was asleep before the episode was over.

Everyone and literally (some of) their mothers are sick around here.  People have been out with the flu and there’s been a number on campus who have had documented cases of H1N1.  I’m really not freaking out about H1N1, specifically…It’s just sick in general that I can’t handle.  I do NOT have time.  Not that anyone has time to be sick, but especially if you are among the crazy part-time law students, and working full time…


And I swear I’m not getting ready to throw a pity party here, but when you work in the school that you attend, you can’t even call off sick to work with the hope of still making it to class because someone will then question whether you were really sick.  I’ve talked to some of my classmates who have already used sick/vacation time this semester just for catching up on school work.

However, tomorrow it is very possible that I will be doing just that–calling off sick, that is.  I’ve been feeling ridiculously weak, tired, and achy, with sore throat and head aches.  Since my office mate has been out the past two days sick, there is a good chance that I caught something from her–or one of the millions of other sick people around here.

Tonight, my dilemma is this:  Do I go home and take a nap before class?  And simply pray that my professor doesn’t then call on me (as I haven’t done the reading)?  Do I stay here, and suffer through it until my 8:30 class?  Get my reading done and maybe even take a short nap here in the library?

And then what about tomorrow?  I’m really hoping that this passes and I feel back to normal in the morning.  But if it doesn’t…?  Well, I’ve already warned my boss that I might call in sick.  If I stay home, I suppose I’ll try to get to the doctor but again, I have the class issue.  It’s never a good idea to skip class and especially when it’s one that you really don’t understand the content (Contracts).  On the other hand, if I go to class and I really do have some version of the flu, I’ll just be passing it to others.  Also, not good.

Oh, school.  Why must you complicate everything?