I adopted a hamster this weekend.

I’ve never really been up close and personal with a hamster before, believe it or not, so I had a number of questions when I went to the “pet store” yesterday.  It was actually kind of funny because when you’re getting a hamster, apparently people assume you have a kid.  The lady was like, “So how old is your kid?”  And I should have just said “24” and been done with it, but for some reason, I was momentarily embarrassed…I said something like, “Oh, the hamster will be a family pet…”

Then I was asking if I should get everything set up at home before taking the hammie home.  And she said, “Well, some people take everything home at the same time but maybe you’ll want to bring the whole family back to pick out the hamster.”  I think she was mocking me.

Anyway, I went home & got the hamster habitat set up. I started off with a 10 gallon tank.  I’d read pros and cons for the different sorts of habitats but decided a tank would be best for us.  I bought a wheel, a little edible house, bedding, a water bottle, and food, as well as the 10 gallon tank & a mesh sort of lid.

Then I went back out to pick up hammie.  I decided to go to a different store.  For two reasons.  First, so I didn’t run into the lady who was expecting me to come in with 14 kids in tow.  Second, because there was actually a store closer to my house that I’d forgotten about initially.  No, really.  I swear.

When I got to the store, I asked the girl if there were any hamsters that had been hanging around the store longer than the others.  She said that the Teddy Bear Hamster had been there a while and had just lost his roommate a couple of days earlier.  So that was that.  Teddy was coming home with me.  The whole drive home, I talked to the little guy who was busily trying to claw his way out of the box, that I held in my lap.  I told him about the other animals in his new home.  I told him who he should try to avoid and who he might be able to make friends with.  I asked him if he already had a name and if so, what it was.  He didn’t respond, so we decided to go with “Dino.”


He settled in quite well, once home.  But I felt like he needed a little more space, so today I went out and got a “tank topper” to expand his quarters a bit.  He’s spent quite  a bit of time outside the confines of his habitat and he is a very gentle & cuddly little guy.  But very quick so I have to keep an eye on him–don’t want him to get lost in the disaster that is my bedroom.

Dino's Habitat

The only animal that has been formally introduced to Dino so far is Sherlock.  He seems to be very concerned that we have an uninvited guest in the room.

Sherlock meets Dino

Love my companion animals 🙂