Ok.  So last night was the end of ASI and I’m actually feeling pretty good about everything now.

The first couple of nights were another story.  The woman who taught the class…well it turns out that she can put on a good show for the “right” people.  And apparently now that I’m a student and not just a library staff member, I’m part of the “right” people.  She was engaging, funny, personable, and helpful all three nights.  She discussed many things:  learning preferences (and how to adapt depending on what yours are), getting “oriented”, generating questions within the context of a case, briefing cases, effective listening and note taking skills, review and synthesis, outlining, time management, etc..

As we were first discussing pre-reading and then actually briefing the cases, I felt a little panicked.  She gave us several edited cases and had us practice different aspects of briefing.  I psyched myself out, I think, and wasn’t able to concentrate, in the classroom, to read the cases–forget answering her questions.

But then, we were asked to brief a case before last night’s class.  We’d already talked about the case and the circumstances in class on Wednesday night, so everyone was pretty familiar with it but still…So I finished it up before the class started last night and mentioned to my officemate that I figured it was crap but that at least I’d tried.  In the class we went over the facts, the rule, the holding, the disposition, etc..  I was pretty much right on for everything!  That was really encouraging.  It was a fairly straight-forward case and, like I said, we’d already talked about it so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it really did help me relax a little bit.

Next up:  Monday is the beginning of our orientation week.  I’m a little nervous about that.  It’s a simple credit/noncredit class and you basically just have to show up, prepared to talk about different things.  I’m not sure why exactly I’m nervous but I suppose part of it is that I still have quite a bit of reading to get done and I’m going to be out of town this weekend, which will make things interesting.